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ProFlightSimulator Review 2016 - Pros and Cons

The ProFlightSimulator is one of many flight simulator games available online, so one has to wonder how it compares to other popular flying simulator games like it. And is it worth the money to give it a try. As we go through the ProFlightSimulator review, we'll take a close look at this plane simulator online product and dive into the upsides as well as downsides.

ProFlightSimulator Review - What Exactly Is It?

Before getting into the the thick of things, I'll go through some interesting stats. The Proflight Simulator comes completely packaged with a very realized and modeled world look. The accurate scenery with landmarks corners every part of the world – which is powered by, none other than, Google Maps.

The visualization is very good. For instance, this flight simulator game for PC and Mac has a way of mapping the solar system pretty accurately and doesn't stop there. It accesses weather patterns in real-time when delivering realistic weather conditions at any area across the globe. You really do feel like you are traveling the planet from the airplane you choose.

Speaking of which, there's a huge collection of aircrafts within your fingertips to choose that are modeled pretty accurately. At the time of this Pro Flight Simulator Review, there were 120 planes available with 20,000 real airports around the world. More is said to be coming, according to the team of developers dedicated to the flight pro sim game.

Nevertheless, with many flight sim games available on the market, nowadays, as well as Internet, one has to wonder how ProFlightSimulator stacks up against the competition. Is it one of the best flight simulator games online?

The only way to answer this question and see whether or not this package will meet your needs is talk about the flight sim game pros and cons.

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ProFlightSimulator Review, The Pros And Cons


Incredibly Real Plane Simulator...

When downloading the ProFlightSimulator software to play the game, you'll notice just how realistic everything is compared to other flight simulation software you may have tried in the past. You can tell a lot of thought and time were spent to develop it; this is as close to real life airplane flying as possible.

This means every aircraft reaction, planetary movement and alignment including terrain were well thought out.

Having played a few dozen of other flight sims myself over the Internet, what I noticed most about ProFlightSimulator is the special attention to detail. I was quite satisfied with the simulation software in that regard as well.

Robust Selection of Maps and Aircraft

When going through the ProFlightSimulator Review, I found myself taking a step back to realize just how professionally detailed this game is – unlike many flight simulator games I tried. The Real Life flight sim is second to none. There are 20,000+ global airports with extensive scenery packs including 120, and counting, different assortment of well designed simulation planes from Concords as well as Migs, airliners, and so on.

I found the historic 1903 Wright Flyer that was piloted by the famous Wright Brothers. If you are interested in a Boeing 747 flight simulator, I found the Boeing 747 including most recent military fighter jet simulation. As you can see, ProFlightSimlator allows you to experience a wide selection of aircraft with a stroke of a key.

World Mapping Accuracy (Airplane Simulator Online)

Another feature of this game – plane simulator download – is the very detailed mapping of the solar system including real time weather conditions. In other words... if it's raining in, lets say, Pennsylvania in real life, then it will be raining in PA during the plane simulator online (game). How cool is that!

Free, Useful Bonuses Wins Out Other Packages:

When purchasing the ProFlight Simulator software to download to your PC or Mac computer, you'll receive 4 bonuses – unlike many other flight sim packages. These bonuses are said to be time-limited, so you might want to take advantage of them now.

Here's what you get:

  • Kelpie Flight Planner Software - Plan your flights
  • Aeron Combat Flight Simulator - Most intensive flight combat
  • Professional airplane flying handbook - Over 281 full color pages on aircraft flying
  • Interactive Scenery Designer - Create own landscapes & scenes

Great MultiPlayer Options – Plane Simulator Online

The ProFlight Simulator also comes with an online feature that you may find very interesting. I discover two in the online mode that stood out the most: 1) Formation flying; 2) Chatting. Both to me are packaged together superbly.

Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Ask!

This plane driving simulator product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, in the event you are not completely satisfied. You can ask for your money back (full refund) within sixty days. This request can be made when contacting the payment processor, the merchant, PayPal, and possibly Click2Sell. ProFlightSimulator is no longer available through ClickBank.

Upon purchasing the software game, you'll be sent to the PayPal order form to make a payment. PayPal is a very well known and highly reputable payment processor. If they receive too many complaints from customers about a merchant/vendor or product, they can suspend their account.

I made many purchases through this payment processor and prefer to use them to make online payments when a merchant offers this payment method. PayPal also have an 1-800 number to contact them about your purchase, dispute, etc. By the way, you can still use your credit card; you don't have to open an account with them. But it would be to your advantage if you did.

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Fly Simulator Online Service Package – Free Updates For Life

For any issue or question, you can contact customer service/support through their website whether or not you purchased the product. The response time is 48 hours but you could receive a response from support sooner. The ProFlightSimulator package comes with free on-going updates that support the online plane simulator software when delivering a constant stream of content.


It May Take Time To Download The Package...

Downloading this robust package (plane simulator online) to your computer could take awhile, depending on your Internet connection speed. If your Internet connection (download) speed is slow, it could take up to two hours if not more just to download all the blueprints.

If this is the case, you have the option to upgrade to the DVD edition, which you can do in the members area.

Could Be Somewhat Overwhelming At First

Because there is so much content available (great number of different maps and aircrafts), the members area could be a bit daunting at first. Nonetheless, there are several downloads from different category you'll have to do. The good news is once you get started, it won't be as hard to find whatever it is that interest you.

Don't Confuse Simulation with Arcade Game

This is a benefit in my opinion but I need to get this out because some folks may prefer an "arcade" version of a flight simulator. Before you can fully appreciate real flight simulator games you have to learn the controls.

If you are looking for instant gratification, then you might want to go with an arcade style of flying. If on the other hand, you don't mine devoting your time to learn and have the patience, then you'll enjoy many hours and days of awesome realistic gaming (real airplane simulator).

The Bottom Line; Is It Worth The Money?

Honestly, there was a bit of skepticism on my part when going through the ProFlightSimulator Review. This product received high praise from others but I wanted to see for myself was it really worth the money ($97 USD one-time cost). I thought the deal breaker would be a lack of realization, among other things. But the game really looks good; it delivers what you want from a flight simulator.

The look and feel makes everything look real including sounds, planes, locations and other cool features was more than I expected. Not quite the same what I experience from other flight simulator games from the Internet. This product could very well be one of the best flight simulator for PC and Mac out there right now – it has more of everything pretty much.

If you consider yourself a gamer and searching for a really good flight simulator game, then I recommend you try the ProFlightSimulator. I had fun playing with it and it should appeal to both new and veteran flight simulation enthusiasts as well.

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