Across the world, people have many different customs for what happens after they die. Some cultures burn the bodies of their dead, either on funeral pyres or by cremation. Many choose to bury their dead in coffins underground. Some people set their loved ones free after they die by floating their bodies down rivers or out to sea. Customs may change over time, as well. Some cultures may have several customs for dealing with their dead, and mausoleum construction people are free to choose what they feel is appropriate. One custom that is used by many cultures is placing bodies in a crypt or mausoleum.

Different cultures have been interring their dead in mausoleums or crypts for thousands of years. In fact, the world's oldest existing structure, Newgrange, is a burial mound. Located in Ireland, it is older than the ancient pyramids and Stonehenge. It takes up an entire acre of land and features many etchings and decorations on its exterior. Westminster Abbey in London holds the bodies of many members of royal families, monks, writers and scientists. The Taj Mahal in India and the pyramids in Egypt are some of the most famous mausoleums in the world and attract thousands of tourists every year.

While most people don't realize it, it is very easy to find a mausoleum company to help a family rest together eternally. A mausoleum keeps bodies above the ground and protected from the elements. There are special individual crypts inside for each body. Mausoleums take up less space than burying as many bodies in coffins. A private mausoleum can be very expensive, as it is typically made of granite or marble. However, as several generations can be interred in one mausoleum, there is lasting value in money invested. Also, family members often split the cost of initially purchasing family masoleums.

Most private mausoleums are constructed of heavy granite to withstand all types of weather or abuse for generations. Seams and joints are typically treated with a strong sealant to protect the interior from moisture or mold. Inside, the personal crypts usually house at least seven bodies, but granite mausoleums for sale may be any size. They may have protected windows, sometimes even with stained-glass religious scenes depicted. The door may be very elaborate and made of brass or other strong material. The exterior can be as simple or decorated as desired. Sometimes designs are etched into the surface of the stone, and often people choose to have their family name displayed on the top.

Mausoleums have been popular with many different cultures for thousands of years. Many of the oldest existing structures are mausoleums, emphasizing how well people have always focused on constructing them properly. Mausoleums for sale now are commonly made of granite and can last for generations. Buying from a reputable company with skilled craftsmen is important to ensure a quality, long-lasting mausoleum.