The opportunity to exhibit at a trade show means the chance to meet new people and expand the client base. Along with the creation of a great looking booth, there is the need to have plenty of printed matter on hand. This is where working with one of the printers in san diego will make a difference. Here as some examples of things the printer can prepare and ship directly to the trade show venue.


Having a nice banner to display across a table or possible to hang along the back of the exhibit area is a great way to attract attention. The printers san diego can provide suggestions about what sort of elements to include. For example, the banner could include the name of the company, the business logo, and a slogan. Add in some graphics that help to make the text eye catching and the banner will go a long way toward motivating people to stop and chat for a little while.


People still like the idea of having printed matter that they can take along and read. When thinking about convention printing san diego for the trade show, consider preparing a special brochure for the occasion. A simple tri-fold design is a great choice, since it will bit in the pocket of a blazer with ease. The printer can help the client come up with a layout and graphics that get the point across quickly and make it easy for the reader to scan the information.

Business Cards

There can never be too many business cards on hand when attending a trade show. They are so easy to slip into the hands of anyone who passes by. In addition, they can be left with other exhibitors during conversations, dinners, and other activities. Have the printer make an extra thousand or two. Rest assured that they will not go to waste.

Giveaway Items

Most san diego printing professionals offer more than just printed documents. They also offer a number of items that can be imprinted with the company name and contact information. By all means, include some paper giveaways like note pads but think about also investing in some customized pens, golf ball markers, and other things that business people see and use each day. Having plenty of these on hand to give away increases the odds of building brand recognition for the business and could lead to some of those show attendees calling for more information.

Remember that even if the chance to participate in the trade show comes at the last minute, a printer can get everything ready and ship it directly to the show venue. That saves a lot of time and effort for the customer and ensures that all the supplies needed for the event are there in plenty of time.