While teaching might be a goal for many people, the first year at a new school can be incredibly tough for educations. New instructors have to come up with material for weeks of classes while also adapting to the new work environment themselves. Simply adapting and attempting to network with other teachers can be draining in itself. One reason that new teachers have such a hard time is related to perfectionism and its consequences.

Perfectionism In The Classroom

The biggest mistake for beginning teachers is often related to ideas about perfectionism. No teacher is perfect during the first year. New teachers might repeat the phrase, "It's okay to make mistakes." But do they actually believe it? Many educators know how competitive it is to find a full-time teaching job in the United States. The pressure to keep the job can cause new teachers to feel overwhelmed and like they need to continually exceed expectations. It's best to go into the new teaching position with the outlook that neither teachers nor students are perfect.

Teachers know that a lot of the judgment passed by the school's management is related to test scores and how much the students appear to be learning inside the new teacher's classroom. This can be another source of stress. It helps to realize that students' minds are still developing neurologically. Adopting this perspective and trying to place oneself into the shoes of a student can make students easier to communicate with. Creating this level of communication with students helps them to connect to their instructor which ultimately helps them to connect to the subject material and perform better on tests.

Over-preparation Of Class Material

Ideas related to perfectionism have caused many teachers to over-prepare during their first year teaching. A new teacher might spend hours on preparing and practicing a lesson plan. Then, they have to balance all of this preparation work on top of their grading. It can make the first year extremely stressful. Likewise, it can be equally stressful if a lesson plan doesn't feel ready for the classroom.

A good strategy is to talk to other teachers to see how they prepare for classes or what they have been doing in their current classes. Looking at online education blogs and websites can also help. Some websites offer clever tips for new teachers and a variety of resources based on subject material. How To For Teachers (Find out More About Practice Teaching Here) is one example of a website that is dedicated to making teachers' lives easier and more manageable. Teachers who are interested in finding new lesson plans, classroom products, or just searching for clip art should check this site out for further information and recent updates.