Oral care products have been discussed in past issues. While as previously explained these are beneficial to more or less degree, there are huge deficits in what they can do for a pets mouth.The same goes for having tartar removed manually from the outside of the tooth surface in an awake pet. Like us, they have both an inner and outer side to the teeth. In addition, there are surfaces between the teeth which need attention eg the reason we floss. In reality we can only effectively address the outside surface of the teeth, and even then, not completely. Yet, if we are “successful”, or have paid someone to clean the outside of the tooth surfaces, we may have reasonable looking teeth to our visual inspection. And we may feel good about this. Unfortunately, without a proper oral inspection under anesthetic, which would include complete probing and charting, it is very likely we have created a false

Here are some images from the same pet. This was a middle aged Poodle cross dog with a very attentive owner who worked hard at keeping the outside of the teeth looking pretty reasonable. I believe most people looking at the outside of these teeth would not have great concerns. The next image shows what was apparent when examined under anesthetic. Huge amounts of periodontal disease present throughout the mouth, with overt pus surrounding the BACKS of the incisors and BACK molars, areas we can not visit with the dog awake.The body was trying to get rid of these teeth and was fighting a losing battle. This dog lost 12 teeth and is feeling much better because of it.

Resource: Aeman glowing dog collars company.