Challenge PT continues to raise the bar for power transmission parts and components. Their European conveyor chains are manufactured in China and offer superior strength and precision. These durable conveyor chains will last much longer than inferior belts. If you are considering the purchase of new conveyors for your business you need to look no further. Their Conveyor Chain Solutions will give you the power your need, along with the performance you demand.

The Z Series is made with the best materials:

The link plates on the Z Series are manufactured from cold drawn steel. Unlike other manufacturers, Challenge does not use guillotined steel. Instead, plates are produced from cold steel bars which allow for a plate that is able to withstand high demands in weight and shock without experiencing break downs from fatigue.

To avoid chain locking, the bush shoulder length has been increased. This gives a larger amount of room for the inner and outer plates to function. This also gives the plates longer life and better performance.

Hardened rollers have been grinded to protect them from wear. Grinding reduces the wear that often occurs on the sprockets. It also produces a better look.

Alloy steel tubes are used for all pins instead of using coned rivets. This allows for less pin stress and increases the strength. These tubes help to increase wear and shock resistance.

Challenge also offers hardened alloy steel pins. The pins are spin riveted to give unequalled strength. This allows for a much longer life than those of standard chains.

All holes are punched with exact precision. This is important because it guarantees you will have a strong, solid change that will resist fatigue and have a strong tolerance for pitch.

The surface is also shot peened to produce a much stronger surface area. This gives you wear reduction like has never before been available.

If you are in need of Power Transmission Components, visit Challenge to Learn more. They offer superior manufacturing of all of their parts and components and stand behind their products. Their chains conform with all DIN and ISO requirements, but also offer a range of options that provide for limitless types of chains to meet your every need.

Contact them today and learn why they are the best producer of power transmission components, parts and machinery. Through their products, your company can have the power needed to produce limitless options for your business.