From a squirrel running across a transformer and shocking themselves to a major natural disaster, there are many reasons a person can experience a power outage. In most cases, like the squirrel example, the problem is easily fixed within a few hours. With natural disasters, however, it's not so easy to just replace a broken part or two and restore power. It could take days or even weeks for the power to come back on. Since natural disasters can happen at any time and, in some cases, without warning, many people are looking for a way to be prepared.

One of the best ways to be prepared is to purchase a solar power generator that can keep the lights on even when the electricity fails. The person won't be able to run the entire home on a small generator, but it can give them the power they need to heat water, cook foods, and have a light to see by at night. This can make a big difference in the person's comfort while they wait for the lights to come back on, even if it takes weeks to occur.

A small solar powered generator is easy to set up and install. The one purchased should come with instructions, but the person can call the company that sells the product for more information if it's needed. Once the generator is set up, it can be turned on and used for whatever the person needs. It should already have a small charge to get started. It will recharge throughout the day when it's sunny outside and be ready to use again the next night so the person can enjoy lights after dark and other comforts once it's night again.

Many generators come with extras to help the buyer get the most from the product. They'll include plenty of information to help the person get started and may also include information to help them survive a natural disaster. Some generators, like the ones at, come with even more extras that may really help a person who's enduring a disaster and must wait days or weeks for the electricity to return. Visit the website today to see what they have to offer.