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With ratios you can set which crop sizes will be created in entry editor when editor wants to use splash image.


Required. Default values are shown in example below.


    'post_image_settings': {        'ratios': {            '3x1': {                'title': 'Super Wide',                'sizes': [                    '1200x400',                    '600x200',                ],                'order': 1,            },            '2x1': {                'title': 'Wide',                'sizes': [                    '600x300',                    '1200x600',                ],                'order': 0            },            '1x1': {                'title': 'Tall',                'sizes': [                    '300x300',                    '600x600',                ],                'order': 2            },            '600x300': {                'title': 'Slide',                'sizes': [                    '600x300',                ],                'order': 3,                'hidden': True,            },        },    },


1. Crop definition with title "Slide" should not be ever removed. Size can be changed, but not removed. We are using this crop size for slideshows.

2. With parameter hidden, you can hide the tab from entry editor. Useful for slides if you don't want to force editors to make one addition step.

'hidden': True,

3. More different ratios you will define, more crop editor will need to make.

In example above there are 4 different crop ratios, one of them is hidden, meaning we have 3 steps in cropping tool in entry editor - wide, super wide, tall.

5. If editor won't go through the all steps of cropping tool, crops of default sizes will be still created and you can open them in the browser, but they won't be available directly in Bootstrap object. Only defaults:

6. You can reorder crop steps with order parameter.

'order': 2

7. For each crop ratio you can define as many image sizes as you want, but make sure they all have the same ratio! The way to check if sizes have the same ratio is by dividing height with width. Number should be always the same. Example:

1 / 3 = 0.3333200 / 600 = 0.3333400 / 1200 = 0.3333640 / 1920 = 0.3333

Usage in JS:

As already mentioned you can find url to each crop in Bootstrap object. Example:

image: ""image35x35: ""image210x: ""image300x: ""image300x300: ""image600x: ""image600x200: ""image600x300: ""image600x400: ""image600x600: ""image980x: ""image1200x400: ""image1200x600: ""image1200x800: ""

Usage in mustache:

All crops which you have available in Bootstrap you can use it in mustache as well. Here is an example how to use crop 600x200px or default 600x if wanted crop doesn't exist:

{{#image}}    {{#image600x200}}        {{image600x200}}    {{/image600x200}}    {{^image600x200}}        {{image600x}}    {{/image600x200}}{{/image}}

Usage in XML:

The only place where we use crops is for <posts> filters. Example:

    <posts format="popular">        <filters>            <set_image_size url="image528x304,image300x" mobile_url="image528x304,image300x"  />        </filters>    </posts>

Set image size filter will fill the image property (later used in mustache or JS) with desired image crop. It accepts two attributes:

  • url - for desktops
  • mobile_url - for mobiles

Both attributes accept two crop sizes.

  1. First is wanted one.
  2. Second is fallback if first one doesn't exist.

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