Plumbing pipes supply hot and cold water to sinks, tubs, showers, and appliances throughout area homes. In some older properties, especially manufactured housing, polybutylene plumbing was used for water supply lines. While easy to install, the polybutylene proved to be less than reliable. That's why it's now becoming increasingly important that homes with this type of plumbing material be updated to minimize the risk of water damage from pipe failures.

What is Polybutylene Plumbing?

Polybutylene is a plastic product that is typically gray in color, but may also be blue or black. It was used over a roughly twenty-year period, ending in the mid-'90s as an inexpensive alternative to copper. The product was used to construct supply line systems in virtually countless homes during that twenty-year period. Over time, polybutylene tends to become brittle and break, causing costly leaks in homes where it was installed.

How Can Homeowners Deal With Polybutylene Pipes?

There really is little a homeowner can do to prevent the pipes from failing. The solution is to remove the pipes and replace them with another form of piping material. The most commonly used material for Polybutylene Replacement in Phoenix is copper, as it has proven to be the best water supply line material currently available. While it may cost more than some other options, plumbing experts encourage homeowners to put their faith in copper, since it's proven to be both rugged and durable.

What Is Involved in Replacing the Polybutylene Pipes?

Plumbing professionals carefully inspect the current supply lines to determine how they can be replaced with the least possible impact on other interior components. While it's inevitable that some walls will need to be opened to provide access, the plumbing professionals are trained to keep any intrusive measures to a minimum. That, in turn, keeps the overall cost of the project as low as possible.

Remember that polybutylene was also used in many areas to connect to public utilities. That means, at some point, it will be necessary to replace the line running from the home to the street if the material was, indeed, used for that pipe run. The experts will review the existing lines and provide homeowners with a strategy to replace any polybutylene lines present. To protect your homes from the risks of water damage, get in touch with the experts for Polybutylene Replacement in Phoenix today.