Many homeowners have experienced the panic when their toilet starts to overflow and they realize it's because their child has flushed something down the drain. This can cause major issues with the plumbing, but often they can be repaired quickly with professional plumbing services gulfport. Below are a few tips the homeowner can use before they contact a professional.

The first thing a homeowner should remember is not to panic. They should go ahead and shut off the water to the toilet to prevent it from refilling and possibly being flushed again by a curious toddler while they determine if they can get the toy out again. Usually, there is a water shutoff valve behind or next to the toilet that can be turned to stop the flow of water. If not, the homeowner can turn off the water to the entire home. This is only temporary until the plumbing is fixed and the homeowner will be able to easily turn it back on again once the problem is taken care of.

If the homeowner can still see the toy, they may be able to simply pull it out again. Tongs that are no longer going to be used for cooking can be used to remove stubborn toys that are hard to grasp. The homeowner should never use a plunger to try to remove the toy by pushing it further down the drain as it can get stuck in an inconvenient place and will be more expensive for a plumber to repair later. There is a trap in the toilet that can prevent many toys from continuing into the plumbing, so it's a good idea to try to not push the toy further back so it passes this trap.

In some cases, the toy will be caught in the trap inside the toilet or it may pass through and be stuck further down the drains. In these cases, the homeowner is going to want to call for residential plumbing services gulfport to get help. A plumber can determine where the toy is lodged and remove it quickly and easily. They may need to remove the toilet or some of the plumbing to get to the toy, but they will ensure the toilet is working once again and that it's safe to turn the water back on again.