Americans tend to make poor food choices and this is being passed on to our children. It seems as though everyone consumes far too much fast food because it is convenient, but it is not good for us. One needs to make a commitment to choosing better foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great choices because they are so nutritious. Lean meats and fish are other great options. The Paleo Diet stresses that choosing these types of foods can benefit our health. They also state that nuts, seeds and olive oils are where your fats should come from. You should try and avoid processed sugar, dairy, legumes and grains. The health benefits are numerous if you follow the plan. They include lowering your risk for obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. You will also feel more energized and may lose some weight. If you would like to learn more about this plan, you should visit Chef's Playhouse website. They offer a lot of great tips and information about healthy eating.

One can learn more by visiting Chef's Playhouse Paleo Cooking. They will offer you some great tips about preparing foods and about using the best tools in order to do so. Once you get used to it, this diet is easy to follow and has been around for many centuries. This may be why some refer to it as the caveman diet. Your body will be getting a lot more vitamins, minerals and nutrients and you will notice that your health will improve.

Obesity is a very real problem in our society and eating the wrong foods most definitely plays a part in it. You will feel so much better about the healthy foods that you are serving your family, once you learn how this diet plan works. It is a good idea to plan ahead for meals and to use ingredients that are in season. This will allow you to cut down on food costs and this is a great tip. You can find a lot more great tips at

It will take some getting used to, but once you make this commitment to serve better foods, it will be well worth it. You will be able to sleep better at night and will enjoy clearer skin and better teeth. Your blood sugar will be more stable and you will have reduced allergies. These are all great benefits that result from making a few changes in your eating habits.