Despite the wealth of information available, there are myths and fears in relation to any intervention that can increase breast size. For many this procedure is a dream come true. After years of fighting with wire bras, push-ups and various strategies, you can achieve the desired cleavage with surgery. Breast augmentation has been, for years, one of the most requested procedures by women between 20 and 45 years of age, which is almost on par with liposuction cosmetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons miami.

Although there is an increasing amount of information on this subject (and this is increasingly available to all), there are doubts and myths common to all patients. Therefore, it is essential to know everything about the procedure and make absolutely sure to choose a serious and responsible professional. One of the most asked questions that plastic surgeons in miami hear is if a person can get pregnant and breastfeed after implant placement.

Breast implants do not cause any problem getting pregnant or breastfeeding. In fact, it has not been scientifically proven that implants have any negative effects on the mother or the baby. You can get pregnant without problems, it is best to wait (at least) eight months from surgery to the date of becoming pregnant to ensure proper wound healing. If the intention is to have children with little time between the two, your plastic surgeon miami may say it's best to end the period of pregnancy and then perform the surgery.

Whether to wait or not is difficult to answer. If a woman has breast commensurate with their body, and they are esthetically acceptable, many surgeons would say that you should wait to have children and breastfeed. Why? Simply because the breasts become enlarged with pregnancy and breastfeeding and when the breasts return to their normal position, there may be some sagging. Many of these factors will depend on many factors.

After all this, ptosis (drooping of the breast) will be higher or lower and the type of intervention is determined by this degree. If the breasts have fallen greatly, the plastic surgeons miami will have to remove a lot of skin, which means more scarring. If that patient waiting to breastfeeding does not increase in weight excessively (meaning their mammary glands are not loaded with fat), surely a simple breast surgery can be performed with minimal physical cost, i.e. minimal scarring. Contact your local surgeon to learn more.