Plasma cutting machines have changed the face of manufacturing. Combining computer technology and plasma cutting devices, they are producing higher quality and more precise cuts than ever before. From manufacturing companies, to artists and architects, plasma technology produces a cleaner, more precise end product. Cutting metal materials by hand is labor intensive and can be inaccurate. After entering specifications into a computer designed to work with plasma systems from Retro, a manufacturer can safely and accurately mass produce the same object consistently. Because of the computer applications, they can also create one of a kind items, such as sculptures, or architectural design features.

Plasma cutting machines have replaced hand held torches that were once used to cut through metal for fabrication projects. When using a plasma cutting machine, it can be loud, produce smoke and potentially toxic fumes. By utilizing a cutting table, you can safely reduce all three. Fitted with slats to hold the piece being cut, there are two types of cutting tables from retro, one uses water, the other air.

A HydroCLEAN water table, as the name implies, contains water, and is located in a chamber of the table, below the project. The metal being cut is supported above the air chamber with slats. As the piece is being cut, air is forced into the chamber, expelling the water, taking the contaminates with it. Effective for most metals, the HydroCLEAN Water table should never be used for cutting aluminum because of the potential for dangerous explosions.

The AeroCLEAN Air Table, uses a downward draft of air, without water. Like the HydroClean water table, it removes the dangerous emissions and particles produced when using a plasma cutter. A downdraft pulls the exhaust fumes and harmful particles through a pleated filter that captures the contaminates. Replaceable, the filter will last approximately one year with average use. Read more about cutting tables when you visit retrosystems.

Consistently producing quality products with intricate details and no room for error, the plasma cutter is used extensively. At Retro Systems, they will help you select the machine and cutting table perfect for your project. With training classes and support services available after your purchase, they do not sell you a machine and forget you. It is important to them that your expectations are fully met when you purchase one of their products. Learn more about plasma cutters at cnc table.