Whether they need compressed air for inflating tires or powering exotic tools and industrial equipment, Gold Coast businesses have some excellent options. There are several different basic kinds of compressors in wide production today, each with its own advantages. The air compressors gold coast companies have access to can thus provide for a wide range of potential uses.

The most common kind and probably the most familiar are those that make use of reciprocating pistons. With pairs of cylinders that help to smooth out their operation through opposing forces, these piston compressors gold coast companies so frequently rent or buy closely resemble small engines. That resemblance continues right down to the valves that allow their pistons to exhaust the compressed air they produce into storage chambers or to dispense it directly.

For a number of reasons, these are the compressors gold coast companies choose most frequently. One is that such piston compressors toowoomba tend to be highly cost effective, offering a lot of capacity at any given price point. Another is that they are relatively easy to take apart for maintenance or repair, lowering their overall cost of ownership. A final one is that they are capable of producing truly high pressures, making them suitable for many particularly demanding applications.

As with all of the air compressors gold coast suppliers offer, there are some potential downsides, though. The most obvious of all of these is that such compressors are inherently noisy, just like the engines they resemble. In fact, because there is no effective way of muffling their exhaust sounds, they can be even louder than internal combustion engines of larger size.

Another possible downside has to do with the way that compressors of this design, like vehicle engines, depend so directly on oil for lubrication. While the seals and rings within their cylinders help to stave off the issue, compressors of this kind can sometimes introduce lubricating oil into the air the produce. That can be a major problem for some users, although it is not always a key concern.

When any one of these issues becomes too significant, though, those needing air compression have other good options. Many users who find piston-based compressors too noisy, for instance, are more than satisfied with what those that make use of scroll compression have to offer. When the size and weight of a piston compressor will be too much for a particular application, many discover that those based on rotating, helical screws can do the job instead.