Of all the air compressors gold coast businesses rely on every day, most are of the versatile piston compressor design. This style of compressor delivers impressive results with great reliability, especially given the relatively low prices that such compressors command on the market.

Compressors of this kind, though, are not suited for every possible application. The back and forth motion of pistons, while an admirably efficient means of compressing air, inevitably produces vibration, and this can be a deal killer in some situations. While this issue can often be mitigated, to an extent, in some especially demanding situations compressors of fundamentally different design will make more sense.

When this need arises, many users turn to compressors that make use of special helical screws. These piston air compressors gold coast companies offer produce almost nothing in the way of vibration, making them perfect for applications where shaking and rattling would be unacceptable. They are also typically very quiet, another upside of the smooth, meshing motion of the helical screws they rely on so fundamentally.

Another of the basic styles of compressors gold coast companies turn to when vibration is not an option is that which makes use of internal scroll elements. The compression chamber in such a piece of equipment is fitted with two spiral-shaped bands, one of which turns while the other remains stationary. As the moving scroll spins within the stationary one, air is gradually compressed to higher and higher pressures, until it is finally squeezed through a strategically positioned valve.

Just like with helical screw compressors, this smooth style of motion helps to keep vibration at bay. Compared to screw-based compressors, those of this design typically boast higher capacity, too, particularly insofar as it easier and more economical to build larger scrolling elements compared to tightly meshing helical screws.

Between these two appealing options, then, even those Gold Coast companies whose needs rule out vibration-producing compressors have plenty of choice. Which of the two basic designs will make the most sense in a given situation typically depends on other factors, as each has its particular strengths that go beyond vibration-free operation.

In cases where maintenance of a compressor will be difficult to arrange, for example, an oil-free compressor of helical screw design can make excellent sense. In situations where a relatively low volume of air at extremely high pressure will be needed, a screw-based compressors can also be a good choice. Even once the need for a compressor that will not vibrate has been identified, then, there are still decisions to be made.