One thing amateur gardeners learn early on is that mulch makes a huge difference in how well those plants or vegetables grow. Along the way, the right mulch also provides some other benefits. Here are some tips on how to determine which type of mulch is the best fit for the garden.

Investigating the Benefits of Timber Mulch

As the novice gardener begins to make inquires about mulching options, there is a good chance of hearing the term timber mulch melbourne in those conversations. The term refers to mulching products that are composed primarily or completely of wood from trees. The wood can be left over sawdust from milling projects or be composed of limbs and branches that were harvested as part of a manufacturing process. In any case, the timber used is a great biodegradable material that will add nutrients to the soil.

When investigating options for wood based mulching products, pay close attention to what pine mulch has to offer. The product often contains a mixture of pine bark, timber and, possibly, even some pine straw. The fact that the consistency of the mulch is usually a little finer than other options makes it easy to work into tight spaces. The mulch still helps to keep the ground moist and will release nutrients into the soil as the material begins to decompose. Depending on the texture of the product, it is reasonable to expect it to provide excellent coverage for an entire season.

What About Synthetic Mulch?

There are mulch products on the market that are made using a combination of organic and synthetic ingredients. While they do serve a purpose, it helps to remember that the synthetic elements will not decompose with ease and are not always the best choice in terms of providing nourishment for the soil. With some of these products, the main benefit is the ornamental effect they provide for the garden. While this may not be a bad choice for a flower bed, opting for a totally organic mulch in the vegetable garden is a better approach.

Remember that it may take some trial and error to find the right mulch. Look closely at the ingredients and get an idea of what sort of nutrients the product includes. Doing so will make it easier to find the ideal choice sooner rather than later.