For large companies and small businesses that make pillows, it's important to have well made and comfortable inserts. The quality of the insert will determine the overall look and feel of the pillow. A company like the PillowCubes company strives to offer their customers only the very best pillow inserts. Read the information below to discover the various options for fabric type, filling type, size and shape of designer quality pillow inserts.

Types of Fabric

The various types of fabrics used for the outside of the inserts include a polyester and cotton blend, a non-woven polyester, and 100 percent cotton. The cotton material is used when making pillows that are stuffed with feathers. Even though this material feels soft, it's thick enough to keep any feathers from poking out. Customers who choose the polyester and cotton blend pillows enjoy the softness of the fabric and the reasonable price. Non-woven polyester inserts are very cost effective and the material stays durable when wet or dry.

Types of Filling

Synthetic down is a polyester fiber that has a similar consistency to feather filled pillows, but it's hypo-allergenic. The down filled pillows are filled with duck feathers and genuine goose down. This type of pillow insert holds its shape for a long time. Polyester is the type of filling that's used most often for indoor and outdoor pillows and it's also hypo-allergenic. Customers who want a green option can choose pillow inserts made from recycled plastics.


Pillow inserts are made in various standard sizes and customers who need pillow inserts in a different size, can choose to have custom pillow inserts made to their exact specifications. In addition to selecting a specific size, customers can also choose to have custom pillow inserts made in any shape.


In addition to custom shaped inserts, these pillows are available in multiple shapes including square, round and rectangular. Rectangular pillow forms are most often used when sleeping. Square and round pillows are mainly seen on couches, in chairs or on the bed for decoration. Another popular type of pillow insert is the bolster form. These long pillows are narrow and they're often used to support the arms and legs. When a bolster pillow is placed underneath a regular shaped pillow, it can help with back support.

As you can see, there are many options available when purchasing 18x18 pillow insert from an experienced company. When you choose a size, shape, filling material and your favorite type of fabric, you'll have the perfect pillow insert.