Large weddings are difficult to orchestrate, especially when it comes to all the services you require to pull it off. When you hire an Austin Wedding Photographer, you might need to decide whether two photography experts are required to ensure every possible moment of your big day is captured.

One important thing to remember is that many professional photographers work with assistants. These helpers serve as gophers and prop-carriers, attending to all the details while the photographer focuses her attention through the viewfinder. If your Texas Wedding Photographer has an assistant, you might not need a second photographer to cover the entire event.

However, for extremely large weddings, a second photographer is sometimes an asset. You might have one photographer cover formal photos, for example, while another captures only candid images. This ensures your photographers do not split their focus, and leaves you with twice the images to enjoy once the wedding is over.

Having two photographers at your wedding also provides a wider range of styles and viewpoints. Every shutterbug develops his or her own personal style, and you might derive more satisfaction from your wedding photos if you get more variety.

This does not mean that one is superior to another. In fact, this is highly subjective. You might love Photographer A's style, while your spouse-to-be is enamored by Photographer 2.

Additionally, two photographers are generally safer than one. What happens if your first photographer's equipment is damaged? This could be a travesty if you did not have a second shooter waiting in the wings, especially with no time to obtain new equipment or repair the old.

If you decide you want two photographers at your wedding, you can either leave the selection of the second shooter to your first Texas Wedding photographer, or hire that person separately. This depends on your personal preferences and your photographer's ability to find a second person for the shoot.

The important thing is to make this decision as far in advance of the wedding as possible. It is difficult to coordinate the schedules of multiple professionals, especially if they do not usually work together, and your photographers might want to make plans ahead of time to coordinate their efforts.

In addition to your Austin Wedding Photographer, you might also want a videographer. This can eliminate the need for a second photographer because you will have all the important moments captured on video as well as film. Talk with your wedding photographer to get his or her recommendations as you plan your wedding.