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Are You Aware Of The Variations?

Although these two bottles look similar, they are actually quite different. 

Lexium International currently produces two versions, Phentabz and Phentabz Rx. The latter is only available by doctor subscription, whilst the former can be purchased online.

The difference between the two products is said to be in the potency of its ingredients, however, the non-prescription version is said to work just as well and is comparable in weight reduction potential to its nearest competitor Phentermine.

Manufacturer: Lexium International

The company that manufactures Phentabz, Lexium International, has been around for more than 25 years in manufacturing both prescription and non prescription tablets in the areas of: 

  • Weight Loss/Obesity
  • Attention Deficit Disorder / Mental Performance
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety/Stress Relief
  • Anti-Aging

Lexium International (formly known as Gentech Pharmaceuticals) operates through bases in both USA and the UK.

In that quarter of a century in operation producing a array of health remedies, the company has received numerous awards from “Product of the Year” and also “Best New Product”.


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