Anyone who lives and works in Southern California has seen the large tents from the side of the road. This large circus-like tents indicate that a house or entire apartment building is being treated for termites. Homeowners in the area worry about termites, due to their reputation as insects that will cause permanent damage to wood based buildings.

Homeowners who wonder whether they have termites in their own house, need only look for the signs of these insects. An obvious visual clue that one needs to call a termite pest control service is with the discovery of small holes in walls. These are sure signs that these insects have invaded one's home. Another thing to watch out for, is small piles of what looks like sawdust coming from walls, wood molding and closets. This is not sawdust at all, but the digestive remains of your uninvited guests.

Now that the owner of a residential or commercial structure knows they must call in a team of professionals to treat the situation, the problem becomes how to avoid the dreaded tenting process. The tents hold in chemicals and insect killing elements that are highly toxic. All human and rodent pest control company animal occupants must be removed from the premises for up to a week. Even when the tent is removed, there are still chemicals lingering in the environment.

Los Angeles Termite Control is able to treat any wood based building for termites without the tenting process. They use environmentally friendly chemicals that are far less harmful to human beings and their pets. Unlike traditional methods, no harsh chemicals are used. This makes it easier for the very young, elderly residents and those people with compromised immune systems to return to their homes.

Working with Los Angeles Termite Control has other benefits as well. Unlike the chemicals used with tents, all food stuffs do not have to be removed and destroyed. Food and personal items can just be covered for safety. A lack of tenting equipment is also safer for the building and its occupants for safety reasons. It is been reported that many buildings under termite tents are burglarized every year.

If you suspect that you have termites in your home, do not try to treat them yourself with insecticide purchased at the store. Call the team from la termite control for an on-site inspection. They will be able to work with you from that point, to remove any termites that might be lurking in the interior or exterior of your home.