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FYI #BenCarson Supporters: Karl Rove connects #Carson to #Trump business competitor

63VOTE FOR TRUMP 2016 ‏@CindyBlackwel12  60m60 minutes agoFYI #BenCarson Supporters: Karl Rove connects Carson to #Trump business competitor: Report  5 retweets5 likesReply Retweet 5 Like 5 More51Angela Dawn Selden ‏@Angelaselden9  28m28 minutes ago@CindyBlackwel12 There is no comparison! Trump will out-deal and out smart any candidate!RETWEETS4LIKES57:26 PM - 28 Nov 2015 · DetailsHide conversationReply Retweet  Like  MoreTweet textReply to @Angelaselden9 @CindyBlackwel12  Who's in these photos?63VOTE FOR TRUMP 2016 ‏@CindyBlackwel12  13m13 minutes ago@Angelaselden9 0 retweets0 likesReply Retweet  Like  More52TrumpBooksFanUSA ‏@OldLinePatriot  30m30 minutes agoAP News - Trump goes after GOP rivals Rubio, Bush in their home state …

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Anonymous Humiliate ISIS By Taking Down Site And Replacing It With This… (IMAGE)

 Shellie Blum and 31 others follow56Lady Freethinker ‏@LadyFreethinker  3h3 hours agoAnonymous Humiliate ISIS By Taking Down Site And Replacing It With This… (IMAGE) -  18 retweets16 likesReply Retweet 18 Like 16 More khairulanam Kalam and 199 others follow90The Next WebVerified account ‏@TheNextWeb  4h4 hours agoAnonymous trolls ISIS by removing darknet site, replacing it with Prozac ad  39 retweets26 likesReply Retweet 39 Like 26 More VA DD214 and 199 others follow67Pat Peters, Ph.D. ‏@PatVPeters  5h5 hours agoAnonymous Replaces ISIS Website With Viagra Ad: 'Enhance Your Calm' …View summary6 retweets6 likesReply Retweet 6 Like 6 More67Pat Peters, Ph.D. ‏@PatVPeters  Nov 271000 Indian Hackers Joined Anonymous to Fight Against ISIS …View summary10 retweets10 likesReply Retweet 10 Like 10 More TrumpBooksFanUSA and 130 others follow72Mark SteynVerified account ‏@MarkSteynOnline  Nov 27"I was hot for Jihad until I heard @rickastley..." @MarkSteynOnline now on #Rush re: …21 retweets30 likesReply Retweet 21 Like 30 More Retweeted94Daily MirrorVerified account ‏@DailyMirror  Nov 26Anonymous hacks ISIS website and replaces it with... Viagra advert  822 retweets965 likesReply Retweet 822 Like 965 More

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@KarlRove has a new book out and dissed @realDonaldTrump again on @oreillyfactor

 Russell and 2 others Retweeted52Annie B Divine ‏@annieb0823  Nov 23@Maxinerunner @wilcoxc22 @KarlRove The Bush days are ovaaa! 11 retweets16 likesReply Retweet 11 Like 16 More60Small Biz for Trump ‏@SmallBiz4Trump  Nov 23"I think Karl Rove thinks Mitt Romney is still leading in the polls." ~ @realDonaldTrump on @oreillyfactor tonight. LMAO #Trump201613 retweets20 likesReply Retweet 13 Like 20 More60Small Biz for Trump ‏@SmallBiz4Trump  Nov 23@karlrove dissed @realDonaldTrump again on @oreillyfactor. Take a hard look at these numbers Karl ... 26 retweets21 likesReply Retweet 26 Like 21 More USFA-FLORIDA and 3 others Retweeted71Steph ‏@steph93065  Nov 23.@KarlRove Shut up. Trump knows what he's doing. YOU obviously don't. @oreillyfactor49 retweets70 likesReply Retweet 49 Like 70 More80Greta Van SusterenVerified account ‏@greta  Nov 23. @KarlRove has a new book out 7 retweets17 likesReply Retweet 7 Like 17 More

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TRUMP By Wayne Allyn Root, Some people are getting very nervous, including Barack Obama

User Actions  Follow60Bob Johnson‏@LexingtonBobby@AnnCoulter Article, “Why the Dogs of Hell have been Unleashed on Donald Trump” - … #Trump2016TRUMPBy Wayne Allyn RootSome people are getting very nervous, including Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine, to name just a few. And I know why.I wrote a book titled “The Murder of the Middle Class” about the unholy conspiracy between big government, big business and big media. They all benefit by the billions of dollars from this partnership, and it’s in all of their interests to protect one another. It’s one for all and all for one. It’s a heck of a filthy relationship that makes everyone filthy rich — everyone except the American people. We get ripped off. We’re the patsies.But for once, the powerful socialist cabal and the corrupt crony capitalists are scared. I’ve never seen them this outraged, this vicious, this motivated or this coordinated. Never in all my years in politics have I seen anything like the way the mad dogs of hell have been unleashed on Donald Trump. When white supremacist David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana , even he wasn’t treated with   this kind of outrage, vitriol and disrespect. When a known fraud, scam artist, and tax cheat like Al Sharpton ran for president, I never saw anything remotely close to this. The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened like never before.Why? Duke was never going to win. Sharpton was never going to win. Ron Paul was never going to win. Ross Perot was never going to win as a third-party candidate. Those candidates either didn’t have or couldn’t spare the billion dollars it takes to win the presidency. But Donald Trump can self-fund that amount...

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 george Retweeted58OKLAHOMA FOR TRUMP ‏@Trump_time  Nov 25@BlueWaterDays @scout1881 KARL ROVE MUST NOT KNOW WHOS SHOWING UP AT THE RALLIES. I DONT THINK HE KNOWS ANYTHING.   5 retweets4 likesReply Retweet 5 Like 4 More Burma Glaze and 1 other Retweeted54Mike 4 Trump ‏@clanceman65  Nov 25Mike 4 Trump Retweeted Donald J. TrumpIndeed he did. @KarlRove is such a whining,out of touch fool.Stand down Karl, and respect our next POTUS #Trump2016 Mike 4 Trump added,87Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump"@jbclemson: @realDonaldTrump @karl @Morning_Joe @FoxNews Bombed is an understatement. Pathetic attempt by #GOP. Rove embarrassed himself"12 retweets11 likesReply Retweet 12 Like 11 More Bella Jane and 11 others Retweeted80Daniel Scavino Jr.Verified account ‏@DanScavino  Nov 25Manhattan, NYREMINDER: @KarlRove is often WRONG. 3 months ago - he said Walker, Bush, Rubio? Video: …

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Twisted Sister allow Donald Trump to use 'We're Not Gonna Take It" at rallies

 Top news story99Rolling StoneVerified account ‏@RollingStone  54m54 minutes agoTwisted Sister allow Donald Trump to use 'We're Not Gonna Take It" at rallies 37Nova Estereo ‏@NovaEstereo  3m3 minutes agoWhile artists like Neil Young, R.E.M. and Aerosmith have lashed out at Donald Trump for using their music at p... 0 retweets0 likesReply Retweet  Like  More Meollo Criollo and 2 others ‏@SmartMusicVe  3m3 minutes agoTwisted Sister Allow Donald Trump to Use 'We're Not Gonna Take It'  Vía @RollingStoneView summary0 retweets1 likeReply Retweet  Like 1 More49Leanna Dempsey ‏@LeannaDempsey96  6m6 minutes agoTwisted Sister say #DonaldTrump can use 'We're Not Gonna Take It' to 'fight the system' … 0 retweets0 likesReply Retweet  Like  More Sergey Kochergan and 1 other follow41Passion4Share ‏@Passion4Share  13m13 minutes ago#entertainment #booking #entertainment marketing #bookingagency View summary0 retweets0 likesReply Retweet  Like  More

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Cascadas de Iguazú - Iguazu Falls by Pertti Siren Iguazu Falls, Iguazú Falls, Iguassu Falls, or Iguaçu...
Cascadas de Iguazú - Iguazu Falls
by Pertti Siren

Iguazu Falls, Iguazú Falls, Iguassu Falls, or Iguaçu Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu.

Height: 82 m
Elevation: 195 m
Number of drops: 275
Flow rate: 1,756 m³/s
Watercourse: Iguazu River
Sea Turtle Hospital Offers Cash for Tips to Protect Turtles A Marathon hospital for sea turtles is...

Sea Turtle Hospital Offers Cash for Tips to Protect Turtles

A Marathon hospital for sea turtles is offering a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone illegally disturbing protected sea turtles.

The Key West Citizen reports that The Turtle Hospital in Marathon offered the reward in response to several recent prosecutions of people for harming turtles.

Hospital founder Richie Moretti told the newspaper that the reward is part of the groups' effort to be proactive in saving the turtles. He says callers can remain anonymous.

The hospital was founded in 1986 and is devoted to saving sea turtles and educating children about the animals.

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