CERL presents: Foreign Interference with Democratic Institutions April 18, 2017 Panel 2: Influencing Public Opinion and Exerting Political Leverage from Abroad Moderator: Prof. George Lucas, Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School Hon. Adrian Basora, Director Eurasia Program, Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI); former U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic Mr. Douglas Birch, Freelance journalist. Former National Security reporter, Center for Public Integrity, Washington, and Moscow Bureau Chief for the Associated Press Mr. Tarun Chhabra, Visiting Fellow at Brookings Institution and Perry World House; former Director of Strategic Planning and Director for Human Rights and National Security, National Security Council Ms. Carrie Cordero, Private practitioner and cybersecurity expert; former Director of National Security Studies, Georgetown University Law Center Mr. Luke Harding, Foreign Correspondent and former Moscow Bureau Chief, The Guardian For more information, go to: https://www.law.upenn.edu/newsevents/calendar.php#event_id/54584/view/event