Quattrone Center’s 2017 Spring Symposium: Common Ground: Preventing Errors In Criminal Justice April 20-21, 2017 Common Ground on Validating Forensic Disciplines In the last months of his administration, President Obama’s PCAST published a report stating that comparative forensic disciplines, including fingerprints, ballistics, footprint comparison, hair follicles, and others are not “scientifically validated.” Immediately thereafter, President Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, declined to follow the recommendations of the PCAST Report. How should prosecutors, judges and juries make decisions about these topics, and what comes next for improvements in forensic science? Panelists: Julia Leighton, Cary T. Oien, Jonathan Wroblewski Moderators: Sandra Mayson For more information, go to: http://pennlaw.cvent.com/events/finding-common-ground-preventing-errors-in-criminal-justice/agenda-bf6e49fffcb9450ca7caed26d0982a19.aspx