Quattrone Center’s 2017 Spring Symposium: Common Ground: Preventing Errors In Criminal Justice April 20-21, 2017 Common Ground on Improving Eyewitness Identification The potential for erroneous eyewitness identifications has led to reforms in the recommended procedures for administering lineups, and resulted in the creation of new instructions that educate jurors about factors that influence the accuracy of eyewitness identifications. What are the implications of these reforms, and what are the next steps in improving how the justice system uses eyewitness evidence? Panelists: Paul Carroll, Mark Larson, Karen Newirth, Gary Wells Moderators: Amanda Bergold For more information, go to: http://pennlaw.cvent.com/events/finding-common-ground-preventing-errors-in-criminal-justice/agenda-bf6e49fffcb9450ca7caed26d0982a19.aspx