Your child has unique dental needs. He or she will get baby teeth and then lose these to make room for their adult ones. Problems can arise at any stage of this process, therefore one should take their child to see a pediatric dentist atlanta ga rather than just taking the child to the dentist they see. In addition, pediatric dentists often see those with special needs, such as individuals with seizure disorders, those suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate and those with developmental or learning disabilities. How does a pediatric dentist atlanta differ from a general dentist?

Although a general dentist can treat a child, the pediatric dentist has undergone special training to work with children. This training addresses not only those issues only seen with children, but it also covers child psychology, development and growth. Children aren't always cooperative when visiting the dentist and the same is true for those with special needs. The dentist has ways to handle the child and ease his or her fears. In addition, the pediatric dentist makes use of specially designed equipment to help ease the child's worries, and the office environment is furnished and equipped with kids in mind. All help to make a trip to the dentist a pleasant experience rather than a painful one.

During the infant years, a pediatric dentist focuses on teaching the parent how to prevent problems in the future. Education is the main concern at this time. As the child grows, self-image and appearance become of more importance, thus the dental work shifts to fixing any issues that do arise. During the teen years, dentists speak with children and their parents about the dangers of oral piercings, drug and tobacco use and more. Many pediatric dentists also work with other health care professionals, such as pediatricians, to monitor the overall health and well being of the child.

When the time comes to select a pediatric dentist atlanta for your son or daughter, head on over to Dr. Powell has been working with children for more than 15 years and offers the highest safety standards and technology currently available. Regardless of what the child needs, whether it be a cleaning, a restoration or laughing gas to calm them down, the practice can be of assistance. The waiting room features toys, salt-water aquariums and more to keep kids occupied as they wait for their turn in the chair. Make an appointment today, as your child may actually look forward to appointments when you use this practice.