If you have a small PCB-based electronics start-up business, developing new products or improving existing ones, you no doubt have encountered some hurdles because of your limited size. Many companies are considered to be too small to place orders with some foreign manufacturers or with larger US-based manufacturing companies who would also consider their orders to be too small for their company to bother with. Fortunately, there are prototyping services available who will work with you on designing, building, and testing your devices, regardless of the scale. They can design your boards or follow the specifications you supply, depending on your needs.

Working with a smaller pcb prototyper can have some important advantages; they are, generally very concerned about the level of customer satisfaction they provide since they survive based on repeat clients. As smaller prototype fabricators, they are faster and more flexible when it comes to turnaround times. A full-service prototype facility can offer you complete design guidance, layout services, assembly, and even PCB fabrication to your specifications. One of the most crucial phases of pcb proto work involves the actual testing of the assembly. In addition to ensuring the complete functionality of the product, all PCB projects will need to be approved by both the IPC and the Underwriters Laboratories. Testing and Quality Assurance are also ways to insure customer satisfaction. For every product delivered, a 100% electrical test is performed, and that includes a final inspection done prior to packaging.

As the owner of a business that is just getting its legs under it, you need to be mindful of every dollar that goes in or out of your company. By taking full advantage of the variety of services a smaller prototyping service can offer, you can cut your costs by virtue of the fact that they are already set up for low-volume production. A smaller, more nimble company can help you reduce your costs, improve your yields, and increase your product reliability. You'll get more personalized attention, quick turnaround, competitive pricing, and quality assurance on your orders for multilayer printed circuit boards.

The goal at a fast pcb service like Almatron is to build, test, and deliver the PCB prototype board to the customer as quickly as possible, fully-tested, and reasonably priced. They've done things that way for over 30 years and their reputation continues to grow, based on their ability to provide a great product, whether they design it or just build it to a client's specifications. Put them to work for you and see what they can accomplish.