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frontlinepbs: This week, a Baltimore police officer was...


This week, a Baltimore police officer was acquitted of murder and six other charges in connection with the death of Freddie Gray.

But the police department he works for remains under investigation by the Justice Department after Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asked them to look into allegations of excessive force — including unreasonable deadly force — discriminatory policing and unlawful stops, searches and/or seizures.

FRONTLINE’s Sarah Childress explains the difference between investigations into individual police officers and entire departments.

On June 28, follow @newyorker‘s Jelani Cobb on a rare, up-close journey into a department ordered to reform in “Policing the Police” on @pbstv.

Read more about 20 years of Justice Department investigations into police departments across the country.

Brexit: Four reasons it comes as a shock
First, of course, are the political implications. Second, these are millions upon millions of people who were voting against their pocketbooks. The third shock is more personal: my apparent over-reliance on the prediction markets, and on economists like Justin Wolfers who do as well.
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