Besides fillings, the most common type of treatment in dentist reviews is a crown procedure. A crown is a tooth-shaped shell that is placed over the top of a tooth, covering all of the crown portion. Crowns may be put in place to help protect a tooth from becoming further damaged. They can also be used to cover a tooth that is no longer attractive and is impeding the beauty of a person's smile. The procedure for crown placement is a straightforward one and rarely causes any pain for patients. Through this information, people can be fully prepared for a crown procedure so they can know just what to expect.

The placement of a crown involves dental care steps that sometimes take a few days to accomplish. With the latest advancements in dental care technology, many dental offices now have machines that can create crowns within minutes. If a dentist has the option of using these machines, patients will be able to receive their crown the very same day their tooth is prepared to receive it.

Preparation involves removing much of the tooth tissue. This is done so the tooth can easily slide inside the crown and so any majorly damaged areas are removed so the tooth is less likely to continue being damaged. The dentist will carefully shape and round the tooth so it becomes a peg. Once prepared, the crown can be put in place or a temporary one if there will be waiting period for the prepared crown to come back from the dental lab.

Crowns are adhered over the teeth with a special dental adhesive that helps to permanently bond the two structures together. Proper bonding must occur or the crown will not stay in place. If properly adhered, crowns can now last as long as twenty-five years and even longer. The dentist will inform a patient of how to properly care for their crown so it does not become damaged.

It is imperative patients follow their dentist's instructions and avoid biting down on hard food or non-food items. These items can easily crack a crown, just like they would a natural tooth. The better care a patient takes of their crown, the longer it will last.

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