It would be great if players could practice their pitching strategy everywhere they went. Though pitchers can practice in many places, the conditions may not be ideal. Pitchers need a practice mound that duplicates the condition of the pitching mounds at ball fields during games. These practice mounds should be portable so they can go where the pitching staff goes. What if the perfect practice mound could be installed in whatever bullpen the team uses during games? The most advanced practice mound ever offered is now available. It is designed to meet MLB specifications and provide a realistic pitching experience for the players.

RFP Mounds provide a safe, real pitching mound feel wherever they are installed. This patented portable mound can be put in place and set up quickly by a two-person team. When practice is done, the same team can take apart and move the realistic portable mound to storage or the next location the team will need it. This mound is designed and built to be virtually maintenance free, safe for the players to use wearing spikes, and filled with clay dirt. The turf on the mound is an advanced kind that allows pitchers to wear spikes and not slip or get stuck. Since there are trays for clay dirt, the pitcher will push off on dirt and land on dirt, just like during games.

This portable pitching practice mound is designed to allow for the proper mechanics of pitching to be taught inside or outside as the weather dictates. Since these mounds simulate an accurate game experience, pitchers will be better prepared when the game day comes. This product also works as a bullpen mound during actual games. This use lets pitchers get a better, more productive warm-up experience while waiting their turn at pitching during games. There are high schools and colleges that are choosing these RFP mounds for all of their portable pitching mound dimensions because they can be more cost effective than the older bullpen mounds. Because they are a safer choice, they can reduce player injuries while practicing pitching.

Because these pitching practice mounds give a more realistic pitching experience, coaches like them for teaching upcoming pitchers the correct mechanics to do a better job and maintain their physical health. Pitching mounds can be ordered online and delivered directly to any location they are needed. It only takes two people to assemble or take the mounds down and move them to the next location they are needed. For more information, please visit the website.