When planning for a memorable party, it pays to look for a venue that is outside of the norm. For a major anniversary, family reunion, or other important event, it can be tempting to simply book a local banquet hall, or other utilitarian space, and then devote more time to other details that might be thought to matter more. In fact, though, picking a great, distinctive venue can be among the best ways of all of ensuring that an event will be a truly memorable one.

The kind of party venue Sydney planners incline toward can vary widely, and that is good news. It means that there are plenty of characterful, unique places in the area to host events at, something that means that everyone who plans a party will have some interesting options before them.

At Sydney's well-known Spanish Tapas Restaurant, for example, a dedicated event and party space often makes a great choice. While Spanish cuisine is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest, relatively few residents of the Sydney area have much experience with it. Right off the bat, then, booking a party at a top-quality Spanish restaurant can be a great way of making sure that guests will have a fun, memorable time.

That means, of course, that attendees will get their fill of tapas, the delightful Spanish appetizers that are such a staple of nightlife in many parts of Spain. Small, precisely designed dishes meant to reward diners with a perfect bite or two of food, tapas make for the perfect accompaniment to great conversation and an air of celebration.

Such a restaurant will have plenty of more substantial cuisine to offer to guests, too. That might mean a big, social platter of paella begging to be served up to everyone at a table or simpler, humbler, egg-based frittata that is every bit as satisfying. While these are undeniably some of the most delicious kinds of food the world has to offer, they are also things that the average resident of Sydney does not get a chance to enjoy very often. Simply by choosing to host a party in a venue like this or a similarly distinctive one, then, a party planner can make the job much easier.