Many people choose to host parties in their own backyard. Even weddings can be hosted in a backyard. Often this option is even more stunning than a venue. However, no matter what type of party or event you are planning, it is important to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Fortunately, you can easily do this thanks to companies that specialize in party rentals in knoxville.


A tent is important for any outdoor event. You never know what the weather will bring. Even a beautiful, sunny day can benefit from a tent. It helps to get guests out of the sun, and it provides a nice place for dining. As you look over knoxville tent rentals, you will notice many sizes and styles. Some tents are absolutely gorgeous. Something else that is nice about having a tent is the ability to have lighting and even heat inside. Your guests will certainly enjoy the even more inside a tent.

Tables and chairs

As you look over table and chair rentals, you will have to choose between round and rectangular tables. Round tables are more intimate and allow all of the guests seated, easy access to one another. Rectangular tables are often used for larger gatherings. Rectangular tables can often fit more people in less space than if you were to use round tables.

Dishes and flatware

Most homeowners do not own enough dinnerware or flatware for large events. For this reason they turn to foam or paper plates and plastic utensils. These plates break or food leaks through, and the utensils often break as you pick up food. Luckily, you can rent plates and flatware. This lets your guests eat in style without the worry of forks breaking, or plates bending.

The tent and table and chairs are just a couple of things that you can do to ensure the comfort of your guests. Fabrics for draping, arbors, and gazebos are all also available to dress up your party. You can create a visual wonderland in your back yard just from what you can get from a party rental store. This works out to be much less expensive than having to buy everything. Being outside does not have to mean roughing it. Choose comfortable seats, and roomy tents or canopies. Add lighting for when the sun goes down, and maybe a heater in case it gets chilly.