By far among the coolest things about vaping is that a vaping device can be built by you out of nearly anything. Ejuice key components -- battery, atomizer, e liquid -- will fit in practically any empty space, which enables enthusiasts that are vaping and modders to be about assembling custom vaping devices incredibly creative. New vapers will probably need to stick with pre-constructed vapers from makers that are trusted until the basics are understood by them, but once you're more familiar with vaping devices function you may need to use constructing your own.

Look at these amazing vaping devices for a little home brew inspiration:

Nintendo Zapper

One intelligent vaper user replaced them with vaper parts and removed a classic Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper's inner workings (including a cool LED screen). The effect? An old school throwback vaping apparatus that works just like an electronic cigarette but still retains that classic video game aesthetic:

Game Boy that is practical

Here's another gaming- inspired vape mod. This user added vaping components although you may expect, but took things one step further by including all of the initial Game Boy parts and opened up a Game Boy Color.

Mr. Potato Head

This cutesy toy needs to be kept out of reach of children, for clear reasons:

Terminator Skulls

This is your chance, if you've ever wanted to vape from the decapitated head of a terminator. Using ultra-cool T-800 terminator replicas, one vaping enthusiast was able to build completely operational vaping devices that include LED lights and a wide range of other amazing features. Practice pursuit or your Hamlet John Connor while you vape:

Iron Man

Huge signals are taken by this amazing vaping device in the crimson and gold color scheme associated with Iron Man and even includes some layout elements that are cool that hint in the hero's armour. Instead of being assembled from a hollowed-out Iron Man toy, this apparatus keeps size and the basic electronic cigarette shape while using design elements to evoke the image of Marvel's favourite alcoholic hero:

And that is just the start! You'll be free to assemble your own devices, once you familiarize yourself with the elements that make it possible as well as vaping. Think it is possible to assemble something as trendy as these?