Safe mode is a start up operation mode. You can also find it for the Windows system. This is for the execution of the operating system. You can get this for the MS Outlook application as well as other office suite applications. By the help of safe mode, the applications are automatically recovered by the combat of errors. It could be the damage in the registry settings and some add in issues. When the Outlook application is in safe mode, it can detect the problems. It will go to the depth of problem in order to find a solution. You can dial Microsoft Outlook support phone number or visit Microsoft Outlook technical phone support service page will help customers to start or launch Outlook in safe mode.

What does it do?

When you open the MS Outlook application, it is opened in the safe mode. You get the message from Outlook application. You tap Yes in case interested to open application in safe mode. User gets the message if there is a problem in last working session. When you start Outlook in safe mode, additional add-ins are cut off. You can contact Outlook technical support customer service page by dialing Microsoft phone number for Outlook support to get help starting and running Outlook in safe mode in no time.

How to start it?

When something is not going right with Outlook, you are suggested to start Outlook in the safe mode or you can make use of the safe switch. By doing this, the Outlook is loaded without customization files and the add ins. If the Outlook is working correctly with the safe mode, the problem is with the add ins or the customization files. You can start Outlook by the help of command line switch.

  • Hold the control key as you make a click on Outlook shortcut
  • If you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can type outlook.exe/safe that is located in the start search field on Start field and after that press Enter
  • For drop back to the start screen, you can press Windows key in Windows 8. After that you can type, outlook.exe/safe.
  • If you see Run in the start menu [on any Windows version], you can tap it and after that type outlook.exe/safe in open field and then make a click on Ok.
  • Make hold of Windows key and then press R. After that, type outlook.exe/safe in open field and then click Ok.

In many cases, you can type Outlook or outlook.exe but at times, Windows complains that it cannot find file. If this thing takes place, you can use full path of Outlook.