Thousands of people enlist the services of a professional Orthodontist Fairfax VA each year in order to improve the appearance of their smile. Braces can make an enormous, positive difference in an individual's appearance. The correction of teeth that are crooked and misaligned often helps an individual to enjoy an increased sense of self-esteem. Although braces were once thought of as a rite of passage for those in middle school or early high school, it is interesting to note that in today's society, a large number of adults are choosing to get braces in order to look and feel their best.

Many people may be surprised to learn that, in addition to the enhancement of a person's appearance, braces and the straightening of teeth also provide many important health benefits. It has been found that teeth that are crooked often prevent an individual from having the ability to adequately clean in between each tooth. The resulting plaque and tartar that build up in between the teeth can eventually cause swollen gums, bleeding, and even serious cardiovascular issues as bacteria makes its way through the bloodstream. Misaligned teeth can result in painful conditions such as temporal mandibular joint disorder (also sometimes referred to as TMJ syndrome). Jaws and teeth that are not correctly aligned may also cause speech difficulties, migraine headaches, and even pain in the area of the ear.

Individuals who are interested in improving their oral health as well as their appearance are encouraged to visit their local fairfax va orthodontist for a professional consultation. The orthodontist will perform a thorough examination of the alignment of the teeth, and determine whether an underbite or overbite may exist. There are many different types of orthodontics that can be used in order to straighten the teeth and to correct any other orthodontic issues that may exist. For those who would prefer braces that are less noticeable, clear braces that fit over the teeth can be chosen.

An estimate will be given to the patient as to the costs and time that will be involved in the straightening of their teeth. Prospective patients may be pleased to learn that braces are covered under most dental insurances. Payment plans can also be utilized, for those who need this service. Orthodontics can provide increased health benefits and the improved appearance that many have been searching for.