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NEW YORK CITYSAT MAR 4 - 9:30 AM725 5th AvenuePeople’s March for...



SAT MAR 4 - 9:30 AM

725 5th Avenue

People’s March for Education Justice - NYC

When public education is under attack?
What do we do?
Stand up fight back!

On March 4, students, teachers, parents and community members across New York State will come together for the People’s March for Education Justice.

We’ll start at Trump Tower 725 5th Avenue and make our way to Governor Cuomo’s offices at 633 3rd Ave!​ ​

As we continue ​to defend public education ​
from federal attacks by Donald Trump and ​Betsy ​
DeVos, we ​march to defend here in New York from Governor Andrew Cuomo. The public investment he proposes in his education budget this year is woefully inadequate and falls way short of being equitable. It will negatively impact our most vulnerable students from early child care to higher education all across the state. Black, brown, immigrant,​ refugee​, low-income,​ LGBTQIA, English Language Learners​​, homeless​ students and students with disabilities​, are worthy of an investment that will meet their needs not deny them opportunities to be successful.

· We ​march to ​demand that Gov​ernor​
Cuomo finally fully funds the $4.3 billion owed to public statewide as a result of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity​ including the $1.9 billion owed NYC​
· ​We march to Raise the Age and end the ​
​criminalization of our youth​, we should be able to provide social workers and other nurturing and committed support staff in schools for struggling youth
· We march to end the state’s over-reliance on high stakes testing
· We ​march to ​demand that NYS ​invests on the front end in​ childcare and pre-K and ​invests in truly making SUNY and CUNY free for all ​on the back end in order to ensure successful transition to adulthood.
· ​
We march because we need a Governor in NYS who is not afraid to make the​ super rich​ pay​ just 1% more by extending and expanding the millionaire’s tax and closing corporate tax loopholes, which could bring billions to fund high quality education for all and so much more.

· We march because the rhetoric of
Governor Cuomo and Trump attacking public education ​is almost indiscernible as they both have
called public schools “a monopoly” and
​have both push school privatization through vouchers and privately-run charter schools.

​We will be releasing more of our platform as we closer to the march. We only have until the end of March, when the budget is finalized to have an impact.

If you were inspired by the historic Womens March like we were, march with us to answer the call for 10 Actions in 100 Days​

BROOKLYN, NYSAT MAR 11 - 12:00 PMWeeksville Heritage Center158...



SAT MAR 11 - 12:00 PM

Weeksville Heritage Center
158 Buffalo Avenue

The Free Black Women’s Library/Temple of My Familiar/Womanism

This month The Free Black Women’s Library celebrates Women’s Herstory Month at the beautiful and historical landmark site “The Weeksville Heritage Center” where we’ll be discussing the book “Temple of my Familiar” in honor of brilliant wordsmith, activist and catalyst for womanist thinking Alice Walker.

Alice Walker gifted us a life affirming concept when she broke down the term Womanism back in 1983.

Alice Walker’s Definition of a “Womanist” from In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose Copyright 1983.
1. From womanish. (Opp. of “girlish,” i.e. frivolous, irresponsible, not serious.) A black feminist or feminist of color. From the black folk expression of mothers to female children, “you acting womanish,” i.e., like a woman. Usually referring to outrageous, audacious, courageous or willful behavior. Wanting to know more and in greater depth than is considered “good” for one. Interested in grown up doings. Acting grown up. Being grown up. Interchangeable with another black folk expression: “You trying to be grown.“ Responsible. In charge. Serious.
2. Also: A woman who loves other women, sexually and/or nonsexually. Appreciates and prefers women’s culture, women’s emotional flexibility (values tears as natural counterbalance of laughter), and women’s strength. Sometimes loves individual men, sexually and/or nonsexually. Committed to survival and wholeness of entire people, male and female. Not a separatist, except periodically, for health. Traditionally a universalist, as in: "Mama, why are we brown, pink, and yellow, and our cousins are white, beige and black?” Ans. “Well, you know the colored race is just like a flower garden, with every color flower represented.” Traditionally capable, as in: “Mama, I’m walking to Canada and I’m taking you and a bunch of other slaves with me.” Reply: “It wouldn’t be the first time.”
3. Loves music. Loves dance. Loves the moon. Loves the Spirit. Loves love and food and roundness. Loves struggle. Loves the Folk. Loves herself. Regardless.
4. Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.

Please join us on this gorgeous site as we discuss this gorgeous work and Womanism in general. Open your mind and come share your thoughts.

The library currently contains over 600 books written by Black women, and all are availalable to you by trade. Bring a good book written by a Black woman to get a good book written by a Black woman!!
Also feel free to come and browse through, cuddle with, flip through and basically love up on the books in the library.

All ages, genders and races are welcome.

CONFERENCE CALLMON FEB 20 - 8:00 PM ESTCall To Action: Black...


MON FEB 20 - 8:00 PM EST

Call To Action: Black Immigrants and African Americans

Choose from 3 options to participate –

  1. Register online:
  2. Text “BAJI” to 828282 to sign up.
  3. Listen via live stream. No registration required.

On this call, Black immigrant leaders from across the country will share insight into what’s taking place and important guidance, including:

  • Analysis of the executive orders
  • Know Your Rights advice for those who may encounter law enforcement (including ICE raids)
  • Ways to prepare and organize
NEW YORK, NYMON FEB 13 - 7:00 PMPeople’s Monday 2nd Year...


MON FEB 13 - 7:00 PM

People’s Monday 2nd Year Anniversary

Grand Central Terminal


We are a multiethnic, multigenerational group of anti-heteropatriarchal activists who fight against militarized policing and racial injustice. We call out police brutality and systemic racism and highlight the stories of those brutalized by police terror.

We do this through speak outs, direct actions, and community outreach which consist of organizing Cop Watch patrols and distributing basic Know Your Rights information in marginalized communities and communities of color.

We demand an end to racist police terror, mass incarceration and white supremacy! We work in solidarity with those fighting for Black liberation and the liberation of all oppressed people.



WED MAR 8 - 8:30 PM EST

Use this link to register for the webinar:

M4BL (Movement 4 Black Lives) will be hosting a six month educational webinar series based on the different demands in the platform. Each month, starting in February, M4BL will be elevating a different category of the platform, and hosting a webinar about that topic. M4BL will also be updating our website ( with new policy and organizing resources from across the country. M4BL will kick off the webinar series on Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm(est) with a conversation about Political Power. Please find the webinar schedule at the end of this email and RSVP for the webinar the link above. Also, if you have resources relating to the platform that you would like us to share please email us at with the word “Resources” in the title of the email. is a beloved member...


Takiya is a beloved member of our community and a fierce young freedom fighter. On Feb 11 she was shot in the head and remains in critical condition. At this time of uncertainty, we want to support her family in as many ways as we can. Every day her medical bills grow and the cost to her family rises.

As a larger community, we must show up to love and support Takiya and her family. Please donate to support all of the costs they are incurring. For updates follow #Prayers4Kiya on Facebook and Twitter.

NAPERVILLE, ILSAT MAR 4 - 10:00 AMDuPage Unitarian Universalist...



SAT MAR 4 - 10:00 AM

DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church
1828 Old Naperville Road

The Prison Industrial Complex & the Call to Reimagine

During this day long workshop with the UU Prison Ministry of Illinois participants will have the opportunity to:

—- examine the roots of the prison industrial complex (PIC), its reach and impact on our lives, as well as our ability to transform it
—- connect Unitarian Universalist (UU) values to the work to divest from prisons and police and invest in building new systems of safety, healing, and accountability
—- begin to build with local/statewide organizations engaged in prisoner solidarity, organizing to end racist police violence, legislative challenges to the system, and restorative justice work
—- learn about the UU Prison Ministry and how your congregation can support our work

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of the racial and economic injustice in our society. This is an opportunity to learn and reflect on what we can do to change it. This workshop is intended to challenge participants towards growth and inspire ongoing work and action.

This event is free and will include a lunch thanks to our many generous donors around Illinois, as well as the UU Funding Panel. Donations to the UU Prison Ministry of Illinois will be accepted at the workshop and appreciated.

Attendees are encouraged to register with 1 or more other people from your congregation. Youth are strongly encouraged to attend.

ONLINE CALL TO ACTIONCall the DOJ at 212-637-2200 to ask that...


Call the DOJ at 212-637-2200 to ask that they investigate the NYPD killing of Mohamed Bah

5 years ago NYPD responded to Hawa Bah’s call for help with her son who was having a mental health crisis. They arrived and killed him. He was no threat to a single officer, only to himself. His mother deserves answers. His killers deserve their day in court.

The number to call is: 212-637-2200

Here’s a sample script you can use:
“Hello. I am calling to tell U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to launch a full investigation into the NYPD killing of Mohamed Bah and fully prosecute all officers responsible. I also ask that Mr. Bharara meet with Mohamed’s mother, which she has been requesting for a month.”

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