Back in 1975, two young men named Bill Gates and Paul Allen came up with a company that would change the world on a global scale. The company these two young men created was called Microsoft, and little did they know that the world of computers would never be the same. With the creation of Microsoft, people were able to buy computers and use them at home because up until that point computers were only used in the business world. What was available to the public, had to be coded with millions of lines of computer code to work properly. With the Windows operating system, computers did not need codes anymore. The operating system took care of that, and people could use computers for anything they wanted. Computers would be very different if not for Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Microsoft has been around for almost 40 years, and during that time, the company has come up with a lot of programs that help both people and businesses. There are so many programs, that anyone that is knowledgeable of all of them can be recognized for such an achievement. For people that want to become familiar with every Microsoft program, there is actually a certification program that will do just that. An online training company named SimpiLearn actually offers a Microsoft .net certification program.

SimpliLearn site, and many others are known everywhere for the technology training programs they provide, including the dot certification training. With this certification people can work in a lot of technological fields. After all, the majority of computers in the world do run on the Windows operating system, and anyone that has knowledge of programs associated with it, are going to be considered to be a valuable asset to any company. While some people may think that learning all of the programs that Microsoft has is a waste of time, that overlook the fact that they can actually become certified in them.

Computers were forever changed back in 1975 when Bill Gates and Paul Allen created their in their Albuquerque, New Mexico garage. Up until this giant computer company came to be, computers were only used with long lines of code. However, the Windows operating system changed all of that. Soon, computers were in every home, and now, they are in over 90 percent of the homes worldwide. These days, everyone needs to be familiar with computers, but for some, it is their calling in life to work with them, and they can get the Microsoft certification to make it happen.