Writers have the opportunity to share their work with the world through self publishing. These opportunities help these writers break into a fast moving market. They give the writers a clear chance of achieving their dreams. With eBook printing, these writers could become vastly successful.

Authors Keep All Profits

Self published authors pay the cost of printing for their book. The remainder of the profits generate are theirs. They won't split these profits with a publishing house. They don't receive just a percentage of royalties. All payments are theirs. The printing and distribution service collects these funds for the writer. They distribute the funds to the writer each month.

No Waiting on the Publishing House

A publishing house may delay the finished product by up to one year. Major publishers require rigorous editing of all manuscripts. The editor returns the manuscript to the author. The writer must complete all changes before the book is published. The process continues until the publisher approves it.

This isn't the case with online self publishing. The writer edits their own work. They make changes if they want. The writer sends the manuscript to the printer, after they are happy with the final draft.

Full Creative License

Full creative license means that the writer maintains full control over the entire project. They review their manuscript until it is their version of perfection. They upload this manuscript onto the online book printing website. They select the exterior color and online publishing resources design for the binding. They have access to a variety of color art designs. They choose the concept that meets their vision best.

The writer has full control of the content. They manage their vision and ensure that they present it to their readers. They make any modifications to mold their manuscript into a best seller.

No Restrictions or Limitation

Publishing houses restrict the total number of books published and distributed. This places a limitation on the writer. By self publishing, the writer won't face these limitations or restrictions. They decide how many books they publish at a given time.

The writer chooses how their books are distributed. They manage contracts with bookstores and online distributors. They make all decisions for their creation.

Writers gain a brilliant start by self publishing. They have the opportunity to take control over their career through these services. They maintain control over the full creative process. Writers who are ready to take this leap should contact Steuben Press immediately.