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Big load for the body and the central nervous system

The main disadvantage of the basic program bar brothers the system from Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic is the permanent body workout on the verge of physical features that can lead to injury and overload the CNS. The greater becomes the operating weight, the more increases the risk of injury, not to mention the fact that the newcomers error technique can cause injury even when working with medium weights.

Remember that training with operating weights above 100 kg. admissible exclusively with insurance or with the coach. Among other things, it has a similar training load on the body's nervous system - if your muscles enough 36-48 hours to restore the nervous system requires more time. In the long run the backend much exhausts the body.

Taking the above-described program, observe its three main rules - the organism full recovery between workouts (growing muscles during sleep, so it is important to sleep at least 8 hours a day), a full sense of the muscles (involving myofascial meridians) and the ideal technique exercises.

Be sure to use a limiter in frames that will support the weight of the bar, if you can not pick it up, or Train with a coach who will be able to insure you in case of failure of the muscles). In conclusion, let us recall that the set of muscles is impossible without food - be sure to observe a diet for muscle growth. If you have any doubts about whether your condition is compatible with the implementation of the health training program - you should consult with your doctor.

Tips on bodybuilding diet

You've done all the research and have carefully planned the next pre-race your diet. The protein, fat and carbohydrates are calculated down to the last gram and know exactly what to eat and when to eat.

The difficulty comes after a few weeks (or maybe even days) when you can not bear another day denying yourself your favorite delicious meals. Wondering how professional bodybuilders you admire can do this for 12 to 20 weeks before a fight and seems impossible.

It is impossible for them and it is impossible for you. The key is to know the tricks and tools you can use to the next diet to feel that it was deprived of all and nothing. Below we will see some tips by leading nutritionist Hany Rambod to make your diet more comfortable. The Rambod has guided popular bodybuilders like Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, the Phil Heath and Kevin English.

These people are not something different from you, and the truth is that Rambod helped each of them through some tough diet periods.

It is important to have a 'cheat meal' every three or four days, so do not feel that you diet. The crucial point is to have a cheat meal, not a cheat day. Click here to find weight loss and fitness programs:

Even if you are the most dedicated athlete, there will be times where it will be hard to avoid to eat in a restaurant during your pre-race diet. Never assume that the food will be ready with the cleanest way. Tell the staff what you want so you can deliver a clean meal at your table. The ekkchylisma cinnamon has been shown to help remove glucose thus keeping your blood sugar stable. Do not bother with a cinnamon extract supplement, simply add cinnamon to your food to taste, and fat loss. Consider also different with cinnamon as it can match many foods that you might not expect. If, therefore, we do not want other signs of the jeans button in our belly, rather it is time to put in order everything that we know about diet helps lose points from the belly, and the overall weight loss. Let's see, then, what applies based on the latest research and recommendations of specialists.

Eating habits for diet

Nowadays it is very difficult to know what foods are really beneficial for health and what not. Why such a barrage of information you receive from the Internet and advertising campaigns, it is very easy to be fooled. Here are some foods and believe offer many benefits, not bear the "health halo".

You've probably heard that dark chocolate is good for your heart and maybe even your mind. These benefits are due to the antioxidants, the flavonols contained in cocoa, which can reverse memory loss due to old age and help to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease with fat diminisher review. Also, in a study, people who consumed cocoa every day for eight weeks, performed better on memory tests. But if you think you will eat chocolate and get all the beneficial effects, you're wrong, because flavonols usually destroyed during the production process. To ensure you get the necessary amount of these antioxidants should consume chocolate containing at least 80% cocoa.

If you are fans of action and choose energy bars for a quick pick-me-up, then be careful. Not all bars same, as some contain added sugar and saturated fat. Also, you may add pounds, because they have enough calories. To be sure that you choose the right bars, taking those that contain less than 200 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat and less than 10 grams of sugar. And of course the best solution is to make home, where you know the exact amount of materials.

It is known that the salads are a very good choice to consume more vegetables in your diet. But if you're not careful you may get enough calories and saturated fat than you need. To avoid this trap, check the sauce you put on your salads, because they can turn them into a highly caloric dish. If you buy ready, then look at food labels, so that the portion contains less than 110 calories, less than 1.5 grams of saturated fat and less than 100 mg sodium.

Learn how to eat the fruit to get good health

The fruit is a prerequisite for getting good health, because their nutrients strengthen your immune system and reduces significantly the risk of developing various diseases.

Read here on and find out if you have to eat them with or without peel, ripe or unripe, so you get all the nutrients.

If you believe that the ripe fruit have more calories than are unripe, because it is sweeter, has not. Some unripe fruit also such as green bananas are high in digestible dietary (plant) fibers, which cause prolonged saturation of hunger and slow supply of energy (calories) to the body. Therefore, as is unripe fruit, in such a slower increase in glucose and more cut appetite.

The view that the cooling destroys the nutrients of fruit are myth. The truth is that low temperatures not only reduce the nutritional content of fruit, but instead delay their destruction, keep them safe and protect you from food

If you enjoy more fruit juices, then you should know that more nutrients hire when you eat less when the squeeze. When you eat whole fruit, especially with their peel, grows much less blood sugar than you when you drink the juice. This is very important because for you to keep under control your hunger and stably supplied your body with energy (calories), you should avoid sharp fluctuations in blood sugar.

Lose weight in a month

Losing weight in one month, to succeed you need to devise strategies is the proper diet and effective exercise. You also need to set a plan and follow it to the end. Below you can see what to do in order to follow the correct steps for weight loss in one month.

Weight Loss in 1 month

1. Set goals

Remember that rapid weight loss is not considered and the healthiest thing in the world. A golden slimming rule states that the faster you lose weight with a diet, the faster you will regain when the stop. A normal and healthy weight loss rate is to lose up to 1 pound a week. This means that within a month, it is advisable to lose up to 4 pounds.

2. Get Your Size

At the beginning of slimming in 1 month, you should take your measurements. Weigh and record your weight. Subsequently measure region, abdomen, legs, etc. Good to measure once a week. If measured frequently, then you may become obsessed and cause you stress, and if measures very rarely, you can relax and stop trying.

3. Change your lifestyle

The secret to effective weight loss is to make some changes in your lifestyle and follow them. A generally accepted solution is to reduce the carbohydrates from your diet and increase protein. Also you can reduce the salt-retaining excess water and bloat you. Finally it is good to increase the fruits , which you fill the stomach but contain unnecessary calories.

1 pound of fat equals about 7000 calories. This means that for weight loss in one month (4 pounds) should during the month to receive 28,000 fewer calories than you burn. To simply let yourself get hungry, it does not work. Your body needs energy and energy to take the food. Choose foods rich in proteins which give you the feeling of satiety (eg egg white), reduce carbohydrates (eg pasta), limit salt, minimize sugar and quickly you will see dramatic results. Become more active at. Get up off the couch, do every day some walking, cycling, a hobby, etc. Do not sit on the couch in your home.

4. Give importance to the maintenance schedule

They say that man in the morning should be eating like a king, lunch like a prince and night like a beggar. Fill then well your body's batteries the morning with a good breakfast so you have energy during the day. At lunchtime you can also eat enough because the day has many hours.

Night limit the amount of food to digest before it would go to bed and your body will convert the food into fat. Generally it is advisable to eat several small meals (about 5 small meals) rather few and large.

5. Limit fattening foods

For weight loss in one month (4 pounds) should stop completely or at least limit to the minimum number of fattening foods . Below you can see a list of "prohibited". Snacks (chips, crisps, etc.) Sweets (all sweets, sugar, etc.) Soft drinks (orange, lemon and all fizzy drinks and sugar) salt processed foods fried Alcohol (beer, spirits, etc.)

6. Exercise

As we said above, for slimming 1 month (4 pounds) should get 28,000 fewer calories than you burn. If you want to increase the calories you burn in a month, then just start exercising. You can exercise your own home or even in a gym . Aerobics is probably the better choice because it burns fat very quickly. If you have a health problem, then maybe you should avoid intense exercises. Every woman should be active with its own rhythm and its own possibilities.

If you are 100% healthy, then an aerobics program targeting 20 minutes every day is a good solution. Walking half an hour a day will help you burn calories and improve your mood. A bike ride (on a daily basis), will help you lose weight but also to achieve tightening of the buttocks.

7. Drink water

The water can help remove toxins from the body. For this reason it is advisable to drink water in sufficient quantities. A general rule is about 8 glasses of water a day.

There is a diet that promises to lose six pounds in a week and that you, now hurry for bikini, much like you and suits. Based on foods with a magically burn more calories than those you give. And from these foods you can eat if you want.

Results from the first week? Yet according to the latest weight loss program if fluctuations carbohydrates, we can do it.

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