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OSNB User Review

Old School New Body User Reviews - We all get old. And there comes some point in our life when we are unfit. After a certain age, our body tends to become slow. And at the age of 40, our body starts getting tired. Hence we need to maintain our body. We need to follow a diet plan and do some exercise. But we all do follow a certain diet and do exercise as well but still we don't see the results. We keep on going to the gym and we keep on working out regularly doing all sorts of exercises including cardio but to no avail. It only leaves our body feeling restless and the energy gets totally lost. And these heavy workouts only leave you with no energy at all. Also the diet we follow does not go well with the type of exercise we do that is why things don't work out. This is because we follow just any other diet without knowing whether that diet will suit our body or not. We need to have a certain plan. If we need permanent and good visible results then we need to have a plan and only then things will work.

old school new body scam?

Welcome to the Old School New Body Program by Steve Holman, fitness expert and Becky Holman which is a complete workout program. The program contains workouts that are suitable for one's body. The main motto of the program is to have a younger and beautiful looking you, a new you. The workouts help in tightening of the muscles and helps in losing those fats which are difficult to get rid of. Steve Holman's F4X training system has helped thousands get back in shape feeling and looking younger. The program is 100% guaranteed and has proven results. The program is for those who are 40 years old or above. Once you start following the program, it would be almost completely difficult or next to impossible for the other person to guess your correct age and even if someone tries to guess, they would be guessing you 10 years younger your original age. The program is scientifically proven. It doesn't matter that what your age is. The program will definitely suit you. The program is custom tailored to suit your body and also the workouts won't have any negative effects on your body.

The OSNB F4X training system is designed keeping in mind our busy work schedule. So just by working out for one and half hours a week, we will see the change in our body. And the diet plan does not ask us to leave our favourite foods at all. And also the diet does not mean that we starve ourselves. Here diet means eating everything in a healthy way. The program is perfect for all, men or women of any profession and of any age. Following the program will help tone our body. Also the best part about the program is that we don't need to work endlessly in gym. The workouts do not involve any kind of cardio.

The F4X training system contains 3 different phases:

  • F4X Lean – contains nutrition and diet plans and workouts to help get rid of the extra body fat
  • F4X Shape – helps build muscles, leaner muscles
  • F4X Build – helps build extra muscle mass

Steve Holman's OSNB system contains:

  • Old School New Body Book
  • F4X workout guide quick start
  • Ultimate fat burning secrets
  • Ultimate muscle building secrets
  • Ultimate sex and anti-ageing secrets
  • Ultimate health and happiness secrets

The system comes with some bonus audio interviews of:

  1. Tom Venuto – interview 1
  2. Kristi Frank – interview 2
  3. Bill Phillips – interview 3
  4. Jennifer Nicole Lee – interview 4
  5. Shawn Phillips – interview 5
is it legit?

The bonus costs $175. But if you purchase The Old School New Body Program, then these 5 interviews come free of cost.

Once we purchase the eBook, we get a report on fat burning as a bonus free of cost. Also we get a free eBook – 17 cheat foods that burn fat worth $29.95 at zero cost.

The authors of the program, both Steve and Becky Holman are above 40 years of age, and both are fit and young and have toned body and muscles. Steve Holman's F4X training system is a step by step instruction to looking younger and fitter. The system comes with detailed videos and audios so that even a beginner can easily follow the program.

The 5 things to avoid in order slowing down the ageing process are:

Leave low fat diets

Avoid running round and round in circles

Don't play the blame game and never blame your age

Drink water – drinking water regularly helps burn fat

Don't work out more

We all age but we need to slow down this ageing process by working out efficiently and effectively according to this program. The results are quick and fast. The results will be visible once you start following this it. This system explains that fats are not something of which we should be afraid of. The program also explains that there are a certain set of exercises which boost up the aging process. Steve's OSNB system is for both men and women who want to look younger, beautiful and have toned and perfect shaped skin. The program helps almost completely stop your ageing process making you look younger.

reverse aging

So stop investing your hard earned money elsewhere and following diets and exercises which don't work and are harmful for the body as well. Just make a one time investment.

Steve Holman's F4X training system comes at only $27. The book is an eBook which comes in a PDF format so as soon as you purchase it, you can immediately download it. No physical products will be shipped.

The Old School New Body Program comes with a 60 day, 2 months money back guarantee. So if by any chance at any point of time you feel that you are not 100% completely satisfied with the results, then you get all your money back without any questions being asked.

Reverse the ageing process naturally and effectively. Look young again.

old school new body pdf
My Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review - Muscle Building After 40 Tips

When it comes to muscle development there is much information available, and even more varying views.

It is extremely easy for a person to get caught up or perhaps confused, heck, several of my friends just quit telling me that "they didn't know where to start because there was too much information available", so I decided to write this article for my friends, but also for you, reader, the one reading it today who wants to learn about muscle development.

I'll try and list all I know and learned over time in this articles, but I'll also try and keep it at medium length so I don't put you to sleep. The tips aren't in different specific order with the way Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer shows us.

Keep your testosterone levels UP, insulin DOWN

You might imagine that I am just stating the well-known here when I say keep your testosterone up and insulin down, but I listed this as a tip because you may be doing things that lower your test levels without even knowing it, like working out for more than one hour in the gym, or not resting among days.

Studies have demonstrated that after doing exercises for and hour at the gym, your own body's testosterone levels start to plummet along with your cortisol levels begin to rise.

Cortisol is your worst enemy here because what it does is burn your muscles and uses it as energy, and yes it stores fat in addition.

Another thing I talked about is rest. I personally exercise every other day.

So I start on Monday, then again Tuesday however, on Thursday and so on. Do not overwork your muscles guys, muscles need time to heal; that is how they develop after all.

They don't grow when you work out, they grow whenever you let them heal and recover, be aware of that.

Now, I always claim that you need to spend no more than an hour at the gym (I personally spend 45 minutes inside), you might imagine this is impossible, it isn't.

I try this by working out different muscle groups on different days.

So if I workout my chest, triceps and shoulders on one Monday, I won't hit them before the following Monday. That Tuesday, I might workout my legs, and so on.

Have The Right Mindset

Building muscle is hard work, it's not for wimps or chumps who would like to workout for 1 month and then throw in the towel. Even in the event you're not aspiring to shed weight and just desire to slim down and have a six-pack, you have still got to work hard.

Another thing I wish to talk about is your expectations, please you can keep them within a realistic range.

Wanting to build 30 pounds of muscle in one year (naturally) is unrealistic. If you are just a newbie, you will just be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once declared that if you can build 10 pounds of muscle each year, you're on course.

That guy inside the magazine or on TV or wherever, who's telling you he put on 30 pounds of lean muscle in a year is lying. Take before and after pictures. I can't even stress how important taking photos or video is.

This gives you the needed motivation to help keep on going. That along with the compliments you may be getting will definitely fuel through your journey of body building.

Don't over-train, don't under-train

I'm guessing you've already heard the word "no pain, no gain". I half trust that saying as I find that it is a double-edged sword.

The pain you need to go through is the burning sensation you get if you are approaching or have approached your maximum. I am not referring to pain from injury, or pain from overworking yourself.

When you're working out, you must go to failure, ALWAYS. I mean think it over, in the event you keep doing a similar amount of lifting, how will you expect to build muscle. Muscle is created when a muscle fiber carries a micro tear that gets replaced by stronger muscle after it adapts.

That tear will only occur should you keep training over your normal "limit". I put limit in quotes because what you think can be your limit, quite often isn't. On the other hand, you do not need to over-train yourself.

If you feel like you've gone to failure and literally CANNOT lift anymore, come out and come back another day. After you have rested, that new muscle fiber will be able to take a pounding.

Don't be a supplement junkie

You have no need for a million supplements that may help you with body building. Hard work along with a good diet does that, however, some supplements I would recommend would be a good whey protein, creatine, omega 3′s along with a good post workout supplement.

Vary Up Your Protein Sources

Don't just get your protein from that shake; neither should you only obtain it from eating chicken. Vary your protein sources. Eat lean beef, lean poultry, fish and eggs.

Eat More of The Right Varieties of Carbs

Eat a lot of fresh fruit like apples, pears, oranges and grapefruits. The darker the color of the fruit, the better it is in terms of carbs.

Also eat grains like barley, oat bran, sweet potatoes and beans, and you have to get your vegetable in at the same time for some complex carbs. Eat lots of celery, garlic, onions, broccoli, asparagus, and again, the darker, the greater the nutritional value.

Eat smaller meals through the entire day

I know you may have a job and find it hard to eat 5-6 meals a day, but when that's the case, try to snack on something healthy (like a peanut butter sandwich) as much as possible throughout the entire day. Spread the meal at least 2-3 hours apart.

Keep Going

Do not throw in the towel. If you persevere and have patience, you will be the one getting all of the compliments and heads turned.

If you ever need to start body building, a good program like old school new body is worth a try!

F4X Training System Reviews - Review Of F4X Workout

F4X Training System Reviews - If you have read my previous review at the homepage about Old School New Body then you must know F4X Protocol is the key technique that is used by Steve and Becky Holman. The F4X Protocol is divided into three phases that are Lean, Shape and Build.

In Lean Phase, you learn how to lose ugly pounds from your body and enjoy amazing benefits of healthy living. In this phase you get workout plan that speed up the process of fat burning and reshape your body. In this phase you will start light-weight lifting regimen that remove fat from your body and able you to maintain fat-burning metabolism.

In Shape Phase, you get more workouts that require 3 days a week. Each workout is around hour or less. In this phase the process of reshaping will start and you start looking younger. This phase helps all those girls that want to obtain body like Becky Holman.

The Build phase is designed for serious bodybuilders that want to add more muscles into their body. This phase is personally designed for all those people that crave for more muscles in their body. This phase gives serious bodybuilder regimen and some men used it for extreme body muscles. This phase is good for women as well that want to push their body for extra few degrees.

All these phases are different stages of getting extreme body but the good news is that you can stop after any phase. There is no need to complete all three phases if your focus is not to build extreme body.

In all these phases, it is important to prepare body for tough workout session that is only possible by providing adequate nutrients. When it comes to best nutrients for weight loss and muscle building then, many people prefer protein over other nutrients. It does not matter either you have goal is to lose weight or build muscle if you rely only on protein then it becomes difficult for you to complete your goal.

Here are three vital nutrients that help you to reshape your body.

3 Vital Nutrients for Body Reshaping

Nutrient #1 – Carbohydrates:

Carbs are your friend. Many people think carbs contain high amount of calories that is why they are enemies of weight loss. In fact, carbs help in fueling muscles and provide energy to the body for burning fat.

These days, there are numerous foods available in the market are rich in carbohydrates. Some carbohydrate foods contain more calories than other. For instance, the equal weight of cereals contains more calories than white rice. And, the same weight of white rice contains more calories than cauliflower.

There is no need to restrict carbs in your diet until you know how many calories you are consuming and how many you are burning through your workout plan. Carbs is available in almost every food even in vegetables that's why it is nearly impossible to avoid carbs completely.

Since vegetables contain few calories, often fitness experts recommend their student to avoid all carbohydrates foods except vegetable in their diet. It sounds technically right, but it becomes very challenging. Restricting high-calories foods such as pastas, white rice etc work only for the short-term but, in long-term human being wants high-calories foods for complete satisfaction.

Restricting high-calories foods that have no replacement in term of satisfaction they provide should not be long-term approach for weight loss. Instead I recommend 60-40% split in which 60% carbs should come from low-calories foods (such as vegetables and fruits) and remaining 40% carbs come from high-calories foods (such as pastas, white bread and rice).But only use 60-40% carbs technique in your weekends and other 5 days you should focus on getting carbs only from low-calories food.

Nutrient #2 – Fats:

In my opinion fats are also important for weight loss but in weight loss community fats are considered as main culprit for obesity. This is because fats contain double calories than carbs and protein. If you don't focus on the in-take of fats in your diet then you may start consuming more calories.

Most of the time fats are not the part of diet in form of food. Instead it comes from the cooking oil that used in preparing meal. Some cooking oils are low in fats than others. It is important for you to make good choice in selecting oil for cooking or baking.

To control the in-take of fats you have to focus on the number of calories you are consuming. If one day you are consuming higher amount of fats then on following days you have to lower the amount of fats. Organizing is the key for weight loss.

As I mentioned, there are different kinds of fats.

  • Omega 3 Fats are monounsaturated fats (considered as healthy fat) and mostly found in Olive oil
  • Trans Fats (considered as most unhealthy) and found in processed cookies, cakes and chips
  • Saturated Fat (not as bad) found mostly in hydrogenated Palm and Coconut oil

Nutrient #3 – Protein:

Protein is the most popular macronutrient for weight loss and muscle building because it helps muscles to grow.

Some popular sources of protein are red meat, chicken, turkey, legumes, eggs and dairy. Protein is not only found in meat, there are some vegetables that contain protein. People who eat both vegetables and meats don't need to mix their diet but for vegetarians it is important to find other sources to consume Amino Acid.

It is important to remember some protein sources are rich in fats as well. It is best to read label before picking food and always go with low fat food. Dairy products also contain high amount of fats that is why it is important to select foods that are not very creamy.


Instead of focusing only on protein, you must focus on carbs and fats as well. You can achieve weight loss if you combine all these three macronutrients together. Remember, your body does not lose weight if you increase the consuming of one macronutrient instead your body burn fat even with more efficiency when you provide all three macronutrients in equal quantity.

Read The Full Review Here!

F4X Training System Reviews - Steve Holman's Pdf Download Works?

F4X Training System Reviews - Has it occurred to you that with only 90 minutes of time to spare each week you can look amazingly sexy and unique? In a fast world where people have no time to spare there is no reason to walk around with unnecessary weight. The Old School New Body program has allowed many people to gain confidence and regain their youthful look effortlessly. According to the authors of this amazing book Steve and Becky Holman, there is no reason to carry around weight and false age because of false notions when it comes to losing weight. Steve Holman's OSNB have an incredible program known as F4X Training System.

Age is no barrier to look old and flabby. You too can still have a new and incredible look effortlessly with Steve Holman's OSNB and F4X program. The good thing about the program is that there are no pills, surgery, equipment and or other extremes involved to look nice. The real truth that people fail to administer is that a bit of old school has answers to the many rumors floating around when it comes to losing weight. The diet is so simple and works in one of the most simple and easy to understand programs.

Is Old School New Body a Scam?

F4X Training System is the only program that can counter old age as most people tend to call it. As people grow older, there are numerous disadvantages that come with the body system. But this is not the reason to stop finding a program that works in slowing down the aging problem. It takes a shorter time to age than to grow up and most people only realize too late that they have in fact aged. The old adage that because men are masculine they need to train harder has been discarded at this site. Steve Holman's OSNB pdf and F4X training system gives the same training program to both men and women.

Because of the old school training method and or program some people took shorter period to look neat and nice. Most people age faster for lack of knowledge. Knowing when to exercise and eat a particular type of food will dictate how you look 10 years from now. But however far your weight problem is, there is always a turning back. The F4X Training System has brought great relief to many people that have had weight problem for ages. It is the program that encourages weight training for both male and females. The secret also lies in working hard and not long as other programs propagate.

The Old School New Body program ensures that people don't lose weight blindly. This is because people have different weight loss needs. Those in need of losing 20 or 30 kg are given a different training and meal plan than a person who wishes to lose 50 kg. The meal program ensures that the body's overall weight and calorie intake is taken into account. The F4X Training System comes in three phases which make it easier to use and administer on people of different weights. Each of the phases comes with slight variations meant for the success of those using the program.

Slow Down Aging Process

The phases are known as FX4 Lean, FX4 Shape and FX4 Build. The good thing with the program is that depending on your weight requirements, you do not have to complete the program. But one thing is certain nothing comes easy training and diet plan is a must and necessary for anyone who wishes to make a difference in their look. Interestingly and unknown to many the program does not have to cost a lot of money. It is quite affordable and many people are not convinced. The total cost is $27. What an affordable price for the cost of total new look.

Most people think that Steve Holman's OSNB and F4x training system does not work. I think they need to find out for themselves before making conclusions. The program comes with a 60 money back guarantee. In real sense the number of people who have asked for their refunds is quite minimal i.e. if at all there is any. The F4X Training System is an incredible program and has brought joy to most of those in their middle years who feel that they are unable to regain their once sexy bodies. This is a great lie; the training system is sound and has worked wonders for those who have dared to do so.

Does Old School New Body Work?

Just for your information, there are only limited prints of the OSNB F4X training system in the market and because of the incredible price and the amazing bonus the numbers of people seeking their own copies have increased considerably. The bonuses are an incredible part of the program, they address some of the old myths that people have been made to believe all along that fat is bad for the body. If you care to get a copy for yourself, you will be amazed at why you are always getting tired without any reason. F4X Training System will help in restoring your sex life back to normal.

Why stay in the archives when you still have a long fruitful life ahead of you. The number of positive reviews here will definitely amaze you. If you think they are not real, then get a copy for yourself. This is the only program that allows you to train from the comfort of your house and comes with 100% success. Most of the other programs are full of falsehood and many people have been drawn into such programs and lost their hard earned money. Steve Holman's OSNB is the only program where the age factor does not matter.

Have you been bogged down by useless programs that don't deliver? Do you feel that your aging progress is slowing you down? Is your diet and exercise plan helping in how you control your weight? If you answer yes to any of the questions then yourself a copy of Old School New Body pdf book now and you will be able to find your true self when it comes to weight loss!

You can also check out my indepth review of the F4X Old School New Body program here.

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