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Her eyes have such a story in them.
I love you Oakley. You may have some odd quirks and you may not ever trust us 100% but we love you no matter what! Check out where we upload 3-4 videos a week! ________________________ #GonetotheSnowDogs #GTTSD #SiberianHusky #husky #snowdog #huskies #dogs #huskyofinstagram #huskiesofinstagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #happydog #petstagram #youtube #youtuber #vlogger #michigan #MichiganDogs #dogsofmichigan #weeklyfluff #adorable by gonetothesnowdogs
Hi there hoomans. My name is Bella Navas. Or Sireniki Bepe Bella if you want my official KC name. I'm a descendant of Polish and American champion Siberian Huskies apparently. I think that makes me more important than my hooman slaves. My birthday is 28th May 2010 3 weeks after my buddy Sully. The breeder I came from was running a puppy farm when Johnny collected me (from Cambridge UK) I was one of 3 litters they were selling at the time. I was the smallest of the lot but I had all the toys. I think that's why Johnny picked me. Anyway I have heterochromia which just means different coloured eyes - one blue and one brown. And because I'm REALLY special the brown eye has a fleck in it. Johnny says that is called parti-eyed. Sully and I have 5 puppies but only two live with us now (thank goodness even though the hoomans picked the noisiest and naughtiest 2 to keep). I don't beg for food - I let my minions do the begging because I know the hoomans won't leave me out. Sometimes I deliberately stand further away from them so they have to bring the treats to me! Apparently I have very very loud dreams - can't see a problem with that to be honest I mean the hoomans snore like tractors and do I moan about that? No. I don't. I'm the boss of our family - I just let Sully think he is because that works for me. Oh yes...I have a reputation in the local.husky community for being an escape artist. In fact I escaped so regularly that I earned the nickname "two collars" (because I had to wear two linked collars for when I slipped one to escape ). I love running in harness but only with Skye because I'm faster than her. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me Princess Bella "two collars" Navas #sully #navashuskies #siberian #siberianhusky #husky #huskyfamily #weeklyfluff #my_husky #teamgoals #jjwelovepets #totallypawsomepets #allthingshusky #aboutme #ilovehuskies_features by navas_huskies
#GoPro Featured Photographer: @travisburkephotography About the Shot: Every masterpiece takes time!
Water has been working on this one for millions of years and its definitely worth stopping to appreciate. The 1000 foot vertical drop is sure to put a few butterflies in your stomach as well! How the shot was captured- You need a really wide angle lens to capture this place because it is so large and youre standing so close the #GoPro worked perfectly in this situation. I found myself hanging over the edge to get the angle I wanted and waited for the soft mid day light to illuminate the landscape just right. Nothing will compare to actually standing here in person so I hope this inspires a few of you to get out there and experience something new. Settings for #HERO4Silver Timelapse Mode: 1 second Protune: ON ISO: 100 Sharpness: Low EV Compensation: -1 3-Way mount held over the edge of the cliff. by gopro
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