Don't assume just because a nursing home nj is up and running that it's a good one. There are more than enough bad nj sub acute rehab. The reason why these places exist is that people don't really know they are bad. When looking for a facility, some people rush the process. Although it sounds cruel, some people just want to drop of their older family members and move on with their lives. They may only visit a few times a year. When they visit, they really aren't paying attention to what is going on around them. Fortunately for you, it's easy to tell a great facility from a bad one. It just requires a little time and patience on your part. A little more driving and more visits. You have to talk to people and gather information. Above all, never be intimidated by staff.

The first thing to take note of when visiting a facility for assisted living NJ is the attitude of the staff members. Staff members in a great facility don't have anything to hide. They won't be put off by your inquiries. They will be warm and friendly. Quality facilities are staffed by people who love their jobs. Since they are happy with their chosen careers, they don't bring a bitter attitude to the workplace. On the other hand, staff members in a bad facility tend to be in it just for the money. They are rude to the residents. It's hard for them to mask their rude behavior if you stick around long enough. You'll eventually learn to see through their forced smiles.

Good nursing homes nj offer a variety of activities for residents. Managers of quality facilities know that people can have varying interests. Activities will reflect this. Trips to places outside of the facility will be scheduled so that residents can get out and have fun. Be sure to schedule a few visits during activities so you can observe participation. Are the people involved happy? Another way to find out if a place is good is to talk to the residents yourself. Introduce yourself to some people.

Ask them how they like it. People will open up to you if you're friendly. Also, check to see how clean the place is. You can find out how truly clean a place is by popping up at odd times. Visiting when you aren't expected will allow you to see the place in it's true condition. Tasting the food is another way to test a place out. Is the food something that you would be happy eating?