Not all cases that are brought to trial attorneys have its merits. One factor that makes them problematic is determining how to say no to these types of cases.

Some legal aid seekers do not understand that legal practitioners have to follow a certain standard in accepting a client’s case. This article then aims to inform them why some attorneys turn down their cases.

The attorney does not specialize in a particular case brought to him

Although all legal practitioners have undergone extensive studies and trainings in all aspects of law, still, no attorney specializes in many fields. Law covers various areas that require a lot of time and efforts to master and a great majority of attorneys will not try to study all of them. It may take them a lifetime to do such undertaking, leaving them with no time to practice their craft.

For this reason, clients should be more precise in choosing the right attorney with the proper understanding and skills in handling their particular case. Furthermore, they should not wonder why their attorney would just resort in referring them to other legal counsel who has more capability in handling such case.

The case is insignificant or does not have enough bases to pursue

This often happens because a great number of people are ignorant of the law. They always presume that an attorney has the capability to transform a simple case to a serious one.

Alternatively, a simple offense of a person may just be settled outside the court. It would even be better since both parties would not need to pay for their respective counsels. In addition, they would not also need to go through the time-consuming case trials wherein they must present themselves most of the time or as required by the court.

The case has no chances of having a positive result

Since many trial attorneys charge their clients on a contingent scheme, most of them perform thorough assessment of the cases to determine whether a case has the possibility of proceeding to and succeeding in court. Otherwise, the attorney might just opt to refuse a client’s case since both of them might not benefit from pursuing it.

Clients should accept the fact that attorneys need money too in order to work on their cases. Legal practitioners get their finances from their client’s fees. With that, we should understand why these attorneys opt to handle cases that have better chances of winning.

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