Are you looking for no credit check apartments? Are you tired of finding tips to rent an apartment with bad credit? Have lots of articles confused you so much?

If you answered all the above questions with “YES,” then stop your search right here. In this particular article, I have listed the top 10 tips that are sure-shot effective for getting apartments with bad credit. Here’s the list!

1.  Do not hide anything from your landlord. If you have a bad credit score, then tell him or her about your credit score because it is always good to open up the things beforehand instead of getting worried later on.

2.  Instead of looking out for professional landlords, look out for individual home owners. As they rent their own property for making some money, they are not as professional and money-minded like the professional landlords.

3.  If you have been renting property from quite many years now, then you can show your past rental history to the new landlord. This will be a very strong point in your favor.

4.  Offer a bigger security amount. More the security amount you will pay, greater will be your chances of getting your rental application approved.

5.  Make sure that you are working and have a stable source of income. Also, show all the related documents to your new landlord.

6.  Show as many references as you can. More the number of people who will be standing by your side, stronger will be your case.

7.  Find no-credit check apartments. Owners of such homes do not investigate about your credit score before renting or leasing their house to you. Moreover, many such apartments do exist at every place. So, find about them through your friends, family or via internet.

8.  Rental properties near colleges, universities and other educational institutes always offer no-credit check rentals. It is because most of the international students search for such homes. And, as they are from other countries, it is obvious that they won’t be having any credit history. If you succeed in finding such property, then it can be a huge sigh of relief.

9.  Influence your landlord with the truth and do not keep any hidden loopholes.

10.  Look out for a Cosigner. He or she will act as your guarantor and help you in finding a house of your choice. A highly regarded firm in the industry is Anchor Your Assets Lease Guaranty (Google them) or you can call: (347) 352-8386

So, are you going to follow all these tips for finding the best no credit check apartments?