Athletic shoes, apparel and equipment sold by Nike are popular products for men, women and children. Before making a purchase for the Nike products of your choice, learn how to save money by taking advantage of coupons, promo codes and free shipping offers.


When you use a Nike coupon, you're entitled to purchase the product at a reduced price. Consumers often have the choice of printing an online coupon to present to the cashier at a store or entering a Nike coupon code during the checkout process when ordering online. Coupons offer a percentage off the retail price on select items and since many coupons have an expiration date, consumers must use the coupon before it expires.

Promo Codes

A promotion code, better known as a promo code, is a type of savings discount that consumers use when ordering through online retailers. Each Nike promo code has a specific series of numbers or letters, which often spells a word, that the consumer must use to receive the discount. During the checkout process, a consumer will type the code into the promo code box and the total price will recalculate with the added code. Like coupons, many promo codes also have an expiration date and may only be used on certain items.

Free Shipping

Another popular way to save money on Nike products is to use a coupon or a promo code that offers free shipping on the product. Shipping costs can add several dollars to a purchase and many consumers appreciate not having to pay the shipping costs associated with purchasing items online. Some free shipping offers require that the purchaser spend a certain amount of money to receive the free shipping discount. The requirements of free shipping is detailed in the offer, so a consumer must carefully read the offer and the fine print to receive free shipping on their order.

Using coupons, promo codes or taking advantage of free shipping offers can save consumers money when purchasing various products from Nike. Save money on your favorite Nike products by searching through the Nike coupons on Facebook. You'll save money on footwear, apparel and gear for the entire family.