An Appraisal Management Company can streamline the appraisal process, helping lenders and appraisers get better results in a more timely manner. Companies such as certified appraiser have done the research into the regulations governing the appraisal process. Then, they developed an appraisal process that gives the appraiser one more step of removal from the property owners and lenders. Because the management company stands between the two parties, there is the level of separation regulations call for. Appraisers are free to do accurate appraisals without pressure to alter results. Lenders and homeowners get an accurate appraisal in a shorter time for a reasonable cost.

A Nationwide Appraisal Management Company determines what makes an outstanding appraiser. Each appraiser wanting to be on their appraisal panel must meet the requirements of outstanding appraisers. They must be licensed and insured with a good work history, along with meeting the other requirements. In return, these outstanding appraisers will have the security of a full schedule of appraisals in their area of the country. They will be guaranteed a fair compensation for every appraisal, and it will be paid in a reasonable time frame. No more trying to collect past due bills for appraisals.

Lenders who sign up with an appraisal management company will save time and money. The management company finds qualified appraisers near their location and takes care of compensating them. The lender puts in an appraisal order online and, within 48 hours, the borrower will get a call to set up an appointment for an appraisal. Then, the lender will get the appraisal report online within four days after the inspection takes place. They will get online updates during the whole process. There is a customer service team available to help the lender in any way needed during the appraisal process. The appraisals are all reviewed by an in-house appraiser to make sure they are top quality before being submitted to the lender. The lender's customers are all treated with respect and professionalism during the appraisal process.

There is an application where the homeowner can make inquiries about appraisals called Appraise My House. This can be very useful to a homeowner who needs to be connected to a lender and or appraiser. The appraisal management companies are full-service residential appraisal management services. They provide competitively priced appraisal services to lenders and give work to qualified appraisers. There is a complete range of real estate and valuation services available. Appraisals are needed for those selling homes, buying homes, getting a home refinanced, for insurance purposes, and many other reasons. For more information about getting an appraisal or signing up to join the panel of appraisers employed, please visit the website.