Learning to play an instrument is a way to exercise one's creative mind. The piano, particularly, has never been easier to learn than now. Lessons are becoming cheaper and more widely available online. It's a great way to entertain friends at social gatherings. By engaging with the piano, beginning musicians can savor its art and comfort for the rest of their lives. There are several ways to begin learning how to play piano which include dedicated rehearsals, practicing technique, a healthy mindset, diverse lessons, and listening to self recordings.

Rehearsal and Practice Time

Developing a routine is essential for effective learning. Some beginners have benefited by setting aside time for learning new material and then a second time in which to purely practice. The most difficult part about learning a new instrument at home is becoming disciplined enough to follow a routine when surrounded by other forms or technology and family members. Beginners should try to create a support system at home to help keep themselves motivated and focused.

Technique Strategies

In this particular case, technique doesn't refer to learning strategies. It refers to the way a person conducts their body language during a performance. Technique is a great lesson to focus on during the beginning stages of learning piano. These short exercises strengthen the fingers and make them become more flexible. For those who feel like their hands are clumsy during the beginning week, practice with technique lessons to improve comfort.


The mindset of a musician should include:

Enjoying challenges and learning
Remaining open-minded
Being tolerant and patient
Questioning often
Being self-motivated
Staying instructive toward errors

Musicians need to be able to draw inspiration from other people. One way to do this is to listen to music often to remain motivated, join an online forum, or attend local symphonies.

Versatile Lessons

Some musicians may strive by being in a competitive environment or having a face-to-face teacher. However, many are moving to lessons online, watching interactive DVDs, or purchasing software. Music Video Theory, an online website and software provider, is an excellent place to begin, because their program isn't costly. MusicVideoTheory.com provides lessons such as "How To Play Piano By Ear" and "How To Learn Piano Fast." To read more about their software and pricing, visit their website by clicking here (musicvideotheory).


A great tip for learning a new instrument is to record practice sessions. Listening over these sessions later can help point out flaws or target areas of the piece. Musicians can more easily find where they are playing too quickly or too slowly just by investing in a recording device from either a local retailer or music store.