Even while schools in the area cut back on nearly everything outside of their core curricula, studies continue to show that well-rounded students fare best in life. Sports and other after-school activities are important, but music is one often-overlooked pursuit that seems to contribute to greater discipline and overall academic achievement.

Since many primary and secondary schools in the Kansas City area still maintain relatively strong music programs despite slimming down in other respects, engaged parents may do well to seek to direct their children into these as much as possible. Kansas City music stores make the job as easy as possible, too, by enabling parents to quickly and affordably acquire the musical instruments that their children will need.

At Meyer Music, for example, parents have been able to rent school band instruments for their children for fifty years. The Kansas City music store still does a brisk business in such rental instruments, stocking everything from the saxophones and trumpets that are among the most popular choices to relatively uncommon instruments like bassoons, bass clarinets, and tubas. In fact, parents can easily arrange for the acquisition of any kind of instrument that a school orchestra or jazz band might make use of and do it at prices that most families can afford.

For students who need more help with their musical pursuits, a Kansas City music store has plenty to offer, too. While band teachers do an excellent job in general of helping out their students during the limited time they have to offer, many students fare better when they make use of individualized instruction, as well.

Arranging for music lessons is just as easy as picking up an instrument in the first place, as a store maintains lists of the area's best and most professional instructors for a wide variety of instruments. In addition to getting their children fitted and set up with the necessary instruments, parents can at the same time arrange for ongoing lessons that will ensure that their kids get the most out of the opportunities they are being given.

In fact, even the most advanced young musicians in the area can often benefit from such outside help. Some of the most prominent orchestral stars in the country over the course of the past few decades have come from the thriving school music scene of Kansas City, and many of these got to where they are in part to the lessons they had as youngsters.