Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions (PGSS) Micronization is a process that has been traditionally used to reduce the particle size for milling and grinding purposes. It also has been used for specialized pharmaceutical applications. Particles are placed in a high-pressure gas-saturated solution. The solution is expended quickly to evaporate the gas. The solution is then forced through a chamber and cooled rapidly. Smaller particles are separated, resulting in high concentration. One company, sports supplements has successfully applied this micronization process to amino acids. The result is the creation of pure micro-amino acid particles that are concentrated and can be quickly delivered to the muscles.

They are used in supplements for muscle fitness, performance enhancement, and mental acuity. Muscle and Fitness workout results are improved using amino acids that are naturally produced in the body. Most people do not get proper nutrition, so the levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins in the body are minimal. Boosting those levels can help the body exercise longer, absorb nutrition better, and recover faster than just diet and exercise alone. Scientific research and development are utilized to manufacture muscle building supplements. There are individual supplements available, and complete formula supplements that combine several ingredients to help metabolic function, athletic performance, mental focus, and workout endurance and recovery.

The Amino Acid Muscle Energy Formula, for example, is a complete supplement that is designed to be used before a workout, during a workout, and after a workout. It is in powder form, comes in lemon and grape flavors, and dissolves in water. Taken 30 minutes before training, it will increase metabolism, energy, electrolytes, and amino acids. During training, it will provide sustained energy and increase hydration. After training, it will reduce soreness, promote better muscle recovery, and maximize workout results. The overall formula also increases endurance, strength, muscle growth, and protein synthesis. It contains several micronized amino acids including glutamine, branch chain acids (BCAA), and regulatory amino acids.

Individual supplements include BCCA, Glutamine, Protein powders, performance lipids, vitamins and minerals, and hormone supplements. They target a specific need and help with endurance, or weight loss, or muscle growth. It is important to consult a doctor before starting any supplements or beginning an exercise program. Be sure to read labels carefully to know which ingredients are in each supplement. Too much of any one ingredient can be harmful, so if a complete supplement contains glutamine, for example, it is not wise to also take an individual glutamine supplement.