Ready to sell a home? Is it time to move on and get as much as possible for an amazing property? Others need to believe it is amazing as well. Below are three sensible ways that equity can be added to the home within 24 hours.

A Fresh Coat

24 hours may be a stretch, but it is absolutely possible. Homebuyers want brightness. They want a fresh face to illuminate the interior of the home. The fastest way to add a new coat is to, well, add a new coat. Paint the home with a fresh color to build some obvious and Move With Maggie Edgewater quick equity. Now, the equity that is being built is strictly visual. A new coat of paint is not a patio or room addition, nor is it pretending to be. The broker or appraiser will see the new coat, and reflect that in their valuation. A fresh coat of paint throughout the home is a quick way to add some much needed "equity" without requiring a big investment and weeks working on a big project.

The Clean Through and Clean Up

A visual overhaul will benefit the home tremendously. Clean every little part of the property to make it seem newer and fresher. It seems so obvious, but many people only do a typical spot check and clean. Any part of the home that has been a steady eyesore should be fixed. If the homeowners did not like it, a buyer certainly won't. A dark mark on the carpet? Unload it. Stains of dirt and grime along the trim? Paint it. The home must be thoroughly cleaned out, and that includes the exterior. Trim down bushes that are growing excessively, and get rid of any yard excess that is just sitting there, such as leaves, branches, and other things.

New Garage Door

A garage door installation can be done in a single day. A garage door is big. A new one is an instant attraction to the eye, especially because of its size and coloration. It is one of the best ways to boost equity in the home immediately. This equity is also more tangible because it does not rely on small visual overhauls.

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