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Most Common Lottery Numbers
Luck is an important factor to winning but to help put the odds in your favor understanding what the most common lottery numbers picked regularly are might just give you an advantage. Besides picking numbers that have a better chance of being drawn, you also want to play lotteries that have smaller odds and a smaller playing field. They more frequently pay out.
You constantly hear about these blessed lottery winners in the headlines. Who are these people? Why they're so blessed and you and your friends who play the lotto never win a big prize? I was always thinking - this could be me having my picture taken by papers, up there holding that large lottery check and sipping champagne!

What if I told you some of these so called "fortunate" people don't only count on chance? These "lotto pros" exist, and they play the lottery the clever manner, while millions of other folks play it blind and rely on pure chance. What if I told you there are subterranean lotto players which have assembled "systems" to raise their odds of winning, and these folks play the lottery over and over and truly win on a regular basis. These folks have systems based on amount analysis that WORK in their opinion. You don't learn about these individuals as it will take the romance, the secret, and the "luck" outside of the lotto.
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